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About us

My name is Alex Bozhin, i live in London and I’m the founder of GINIX – a platform for monitoring and managing reviews about companies or brands using artificial intelligence technologies.

My journey in the AI world began in mid-2020, long before this technology became ubiquitous. Throughout my career, I’ve gained valuable experience in building and managing a team of 100 people from scratch, which taught me to value each employee and the importance of cohesive teamwork. I’ve had the fortune to work with clients from 47 countries worldwide, observing a monthly growth of 20-40% in my companies, which confirms the global demand for our solutions.

I’m proud to have received the Executive Award “25 Best CEOs in Europe” in 2021, which is a recognition of my hard work. Active participation in American Marketing Association projects, where I serve as a judge and member of the Marketing Research SIG, allows me to stay abreast of the latest marketing trends and apply this knowledge in developing GINIX. The inclusion of my previous businesses in rankings from INC and Forbes serves as an additional incentive to move forward.

GINIX didn’t appear by chance. In my previous businesses, I experienced firsthand the immense importance of reviews for a company’s success. I saw how reviews can radically change brand perception and influence its development.

However, I was always troubled by the unfairness of situations where good companies and honest businesses didn’t receive the positive reviews they deserved. People tend to write negative reviews more often, driven by emotions, while satisfied customers often forget to share their positive experiences.

This observation became the catalyst for creating GINIX. Our goal is to change the ratio of reviews, providing value for businesses while simultaneously giving grateful customers an easy way to express their appreciation. We aim to create a fairer and more objective picture of companies’ reputations, helping them grow and improve based on working with reviews.

GINIX is not just a platform. It’s a tool for building trusting relationships between businesses and consumers, and I’m proud that we can contribute to the development of this important sphere.