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Aspro.Cloud is a multifunctional cloud platform designed for comprehensive business process management.

The service is tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, making it ideal for small construction companies, advertising and digital agencies, law firms, design studios, real estate agencies, manufacturing enterprises, and organizations operating on a project-based approach.


The system can significantly enhance work productivity by:

Optimizing project management, client databases, finances, and document flow;

Facilitating effective interdepartmental interaction;

Automating routine tasks;

Structuring workflows.


Service features


An overview of Aspro.Cloud will help delve into the wide range of features. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important ones.


Project management for any complexity

The service provides tools for planning, monitoring, and analyzing the implementation of projects of any complexity. Features include Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendars, task lists, and GTD planners. This allows users to flexibly configure project management processes according to business needs, ensuring adherence to project timelines and budgets while improving coordination among participants.


CRM with detailed client history and automation

The CRM functionality in Aspro.Cloud is designed for managing client relationships, including sales and marketing automation. The system maintains detailed interaction histories with clients, automatically processes incoming requests, and tracks deal statuses.


Financial accounting

Aspro.Cloud offers tools for financial accounting and analytics, including monitoring revenues, expenses, invoicing, and generating financial reports. This ensures that a company’s financial flows are transparent and managerial decisions are well-founded.


Integration with popular services

The platform offers extensive integration capabilities with various external services: telephony systems, banking and postal services, website builders, and more. This integration automates business processes and increases productivity, as well as simplifies document management.


Collaborative work and mobile application

Aspro.Cloud facilitates flexible and prompt team collaboration through built-in chats and instant notifications. The mobile application allows users to stay updated on current tasks and project changes anytime and anywhere.


Flexible access rights

The system provides the ability to configure access rights for employees. You can restrict or grant access to specific data and functions based on an employee’s role and tasks in the project. This ensures that confidential information is secure, and tasks are distributed rationally.


Service benefits


Comprehensive business process automation

Integrating a wide range of functions into one platform allows companies to automate a large part of their business processes, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on routine operations.


Increased team productivity

Tools for planning, monitoring, and collaborative work, as well as a mobile application, improve coordination among employees and simplify the exchange of information within the team.


Improved customer interactions

A CRM system with automated interactions and detailed client histories takes the sales department to a new level. Enhancing service quality increases customer loyalty.


Optimization of financial accounting

Functionalities for financial accounting and analytics provide a deep understanding of a company’s financial state. You can optimally control expenses and revenues and conduct more accurate financial planning.


Flexibility and scalability

Thanks to extensive customization options and integration with other services, Aspro.Cloud is suitable for businesses of various sizes. The cloud platform can scale with a company’s growth, meeting business needs at every stage of development.


What users often scold about Aspro.Cloud


Insufficiently flexible pricing plans

One of the frequently mentioned drawbacks of the service is the lack of flexibility in pricing plans. Users express a desire for more variations to more precisely tailor services to their needs: “The pricing plans are not flexible enough, I would like to see more variations.” This can limit the options for small and medium businesses in choosing the optimal set of features without overpaying for unnecessary options.


Issues with the mobile application

Despite high ratings for the service’s functionality, the mobile application seems underdeveloped: “I wish they would improve the mobile app a bit.” This impacts the convenience of using the service outside the workplace and can reduce the effectiveness for users who need access to the service at any time and place.


Account deletion without warning

A serious flaw noted by users is the company’s policy of deleting accounts without prior notification: “ just deleted the entire account without any warning.” This causes dissatisfaction and a sense of unreliability in the service, as it can lead to the loss of important data and disruption of business processes.


Limited chat functionality

The functionality of the corporate messenger leaves much to be desired, as noted by users: “I would improve the corporate messenger. I want more features in them.” Inadequately developed communication tools can decrease the effectiveness of team work and interactions within the company.


Startup issues and technical support

Some users encounter difficulties starting the service and cannot always expect quick help from technical support: “It just didn’t start, even at registration.” This can create barriers to beginning work with the platform and affect the overall impression of the service.


What users often praise about Aspro.Cloud


Versatility and multifunctionality

Users highly value the broad functionality of Aspro.Cloud, emphasizing its versatility: “It’s very cool that all the problems that can arise in business can be solved through the system.” This allows companies to integrate various aspects of their operations into a single system, providing efficient management of projects, finances, and communications.


Reliability and speed

The high reliability and speed of the service also do not go unnoticed: “Their solutions are so reliable and convenient to use.” These are critical features for businesses that rely on constant data access and rapid task execution.


Support and user training

Aspro.Cloud receives high marks for the quality of support and the availability of training materials: “Fast operation and constant introduction of new functions and improvements to old ones.” This helps users quickly learn the system and effectively utilize its capabilities.


Flexibility and adaptability

The flexibility and adaptability of the service to various business processes also stand out to users: “The service’s adaptability – there were no difficulties with implementation.” This allows companies of different sizes and industries to customize the service to their unique needs.


Integration with other services

The ability to integrate with various external services and platforms is a significant advantage: “integrations with UIS, Tinkoff, mail, and some messengers.” This expands Aspro.Cloud’s functional capabilities and simplifies interactions with other business tools used.


Percentage of reviews


Based on the analysis of provided reviews, it can be concluded that positive opinions predominate over negative ones. Approximately 80% of reviews express satisfaction with the service, highlighting its functionality, reliability, and ease of use. The remaining 20% of reviews contain criticism, mainly related to technical issues and the service’s policy on account management.

This ratio of reviews indicates that most users are satisfied with the Aspro.Cloud service and gain significant benefits for their business from its use. However, identified shortcomings can affect the loyalty of some customers and require attention from developers for further improvement of service quality and user satisfaction.