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Reviews for a hotel

Customer reviews play a crucial role in the success of the hotel business. They help improve the quality of service and serve as an indicator for potential guests when choosing a place to stay.

Therefore, it is important to actively and systematically collect feedback from visitors. In this context, the most effective methods of collecting reviews tailored specifically for the hospitality industry are presented.


How to get reviews for a hotel


Direct request upon check-out

When a guest checks out of the hotel, staff can personally ask them to leave a review. This can be either an oral request or handing out a written card with instructions.

It’s important to emphasize how valuable their opinion will be for the hotel’s development. Train the staff, especially those at the reception, on how to properly and tactfully ask for a review.

Develop cards or leaflets with QR codes leading to review pages on your website or popular platforms like TripAdvisor or Google Reviews.


Post-departure email surveys

Sending personalized post-departure emails to guests is one of the most effective ways to gather feedback. Express gratitude for choosing your hotel in the email and provide a direct link to the website where they can share their stay experience.

Automate the process of sending emails through the hotel’s CRM system. Write a personalized message, attach photos of the hotel or guests’ pleasant moments, if possible, to create an emotional connection.

Use email automation services like MailChimp or Sendinblue to create and send individual messages.


Social media

Active presence and interaction on social media can encourage guests to share their hotel experiences. Regularly publish content and run promotions encouraging guests to leave reviews.

Create hashtags specific to your hotel and encourage guests to use them in their posts. Post interactive content and ask followers to share their experiences or suggestions for improving the service.

Use social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts and track hotel mentions.


Interactive kiosks or tablets in the hotel

Place kiosks or tablets in the hotel lobby where guests can quickly leave reviews during their stay. Install devices in high-traffic areas, such as near the reception or in the dining area.

The kiosk software should be intuitive. Guests should be able to rate the service in a few simple steps.

Develop or purchase such feedback collection software, allowing people to rate, write text, and attach photos.


Loyalty programs and rewards

Motivate guests to leave reviews by offering bonuses or discounts as part of the hotel’s loyalty program. Announce that guests will receive a certain number of bonus points or a discount on their next stay for their feedback.

Ensure that the terms of participation in the program are clear and understandable. Make the process of awarding bonuses for reviews automatic.


Applying these methods requires a systematic approach and attention to detail. It’s important not only to collect comments but also to respond to them.

Always demonstrate interest and readiness to improve the service. Continuous optimization based on guest feedback will help maintain a high level of loyalty to the hotel.


Examples of hotel reviews


Below are real reviews from real customers (company names are not provided).


Good hotel for its price range. We booked the “Family” room.

Recommend it. The breakfasts are excellent, and the spa complex is wonderful too.

Downsides: No parking, but we were prepared for that. Managed to park by the facade a couple of times, more often a bit to the side, but overall, it wasn’t inconvenient.

Uncomfortable pillows—too firm. Asked if there were others available? Turns out they’re all the same.

I would recommend at least having a pillow menu for higher category rooms, offering a choice in softness and size.

Cleaning isn’t always up to par: sometimes forget to make the bed, or clean the mirrors. The balcony wasn’t cleaned at all until I mentioned it at the reception.

The housekeepers seem a bit lax. Also, what we weren’t prepared for—every day from six in the evening until late night, right opposite the hotel at the train station restaurant, there’s VERY LOUD MUSIC!

The music, to put it mildly, is an acquired taste. The singer isn’t good. But it’s very loud. Same thing every day for seven days.

But despite all these drawbacks, the hotel is good, and the location is excellent. We’ll come back.


Spacious and clean rooms. The rooms are large and clean, with a folding chair in the standard.

The spa area is small and needs renovation))) The staff is well-trained and very polite.

The hotel has a nostalgic atmosphere, reflected in the room furnishings and building architecture. I really hope they preserve it while modernizing the hotel for contemporary comfort and renovations.

The breakfast buffet was impressive with a diverse and delicious selection: baked pork ribs, side dishes, salads, boiled chicken fillet, baked goods, cereals, fruits, vegetables, pickles, pastries, and of course, tea, coffee, and even wine))).

The hotel’s main advantage is its location, practically on the waterfront. You step out and go for a walk, breathing in the sea air.

But to park, you need to circle the hotel a couple of times.


Excellent hotel. Stayed for a week in December.

Couldn’t find any drawbacks. Fantastic location, just a few steps from the sea and the promenade.

Full buffet breakfast with porridge, a full second course, for example, meatballs with pasta or stewed trout with potatoes. Eggs can be cooked any way you like.

Coffee, tea, and even red and white wine are available.

The hotel has a pool and sauna, all included in the room rate.

To access the pool, just put on the bathrobe provided in the room and go down to the first floor. Room cleaning was done every day, and the bedding changed every three days.

Our room had a kettle, cups, saucers, spoons, a mini-fridge, and a corkscrew.

We recommend the hotel and plan to stay here again on our next visit to Yalta.


Everything was great! Clean rooms! Cleaned every day! Our room had a kettle, microwave, and fridge. All tableware and even a corkscrew! 😂👍

All the staff were polite and friendly! Buffet breakfast had everything! Even wine for breakfast! I think there were four varieties ☺️👍😘

The pool was clean, the water temperature was 28-30 degrees! There’s a gym.

The sauna and steam room were also nice! After the sauna, you can drink free herbal tea!

The only thing we didn’t like was that you can’t see the promenade and the sea from the windows because of the trees. Even from the third floor.

And there’s no free parking nearby for visitors. We had to pay for the city parking.

Free from 20:00 to 8:00. 50 rubles per hour the rest of the time.


Good location, close to the beach and all necessary facilities. Comfortable, spacious room.

Comes with dishes, kettle, and utensils. Shower amenities, towels, and slippers provided.

The only downside is thin walls and no soundproofing—we could hear the news from the neighboring room.


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