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Reviews for best account-based orchestration platforms services and analysis of user reviews about your competitors

There is no customization whatsoever. Other than your profile picture, there is nothing you can do to add your company’s logo to your page unless your pic is your logo.

The “available” status and button are pointless.

Real review to a real Best Account-Based Orchestration Platforms service

I think the data enrichment tool is lacking and/or isn’t very helpful when GDPR regulations require marketing to the email address that was used in the original form fill.

Unless you want to do a 1-1 connection immediately, which isn’t usually how prospects go through the funnel.

Making changes to the campaigns is laborious and causes you to relaunch everything, which is a pain and impacts performance. The targeting capabilities don’t drive the lead quality that you would hope.

While it’s nice to be able to add A– layering in Facebook, I haven’t seen any increase in valuable leads, and low-quality leads still come in more times than not.

Real review to a real Best Account-Based Orchestration Platforms service

Their platform is terribly difficult to use. The UI is archaic.

Also, if you have another marketing automation platform like M–, H– or E– then you don’t need an additional lead deduping service.

It was impossible for the R– team to prove which leads/contacts exactly Ringlead was deduping which would not have already been deduped by our current system as both S– & M– have deduping functionality built into their products natively.

Additionally, their pricing structure is very R– friendly and can get extremely pricey so something which is either already solved for by your automation systems or could be built in a few hours with some SFDC dev work.

If you were evaluating R– as a data enrichment tool, I can’t speak to their data quality or vendor quality as a data enrichment tool.

Real review to a real Best Account-Based Orchestration Platforms service

Nothing works as well as it should. Frankly, the whole experience feels like it was designed 15 years ago.

The system for editing text and adding images is like an early version of Microsoft Word. There are weird, arbitrary rules about content uploads (literally no design team in 2023 designs PDFs in inches.

How is that the metric for PDF uploads?). The analytics are always inaccurate, difficult to read, and overall just unhelpful.

I really like the idea of Uberflip, but the execution is poor.

Real review to a real Best Account-Based Orchestration Platforms service

Quite a lot of things. The tool has a lot of bugs.

The integration interface has quite a lot of issues and it’s outdated. The customer support lacks understanding and is not equipped with the necessary skill set.

Plus, the data enrichment isn’t unique and has data consistency issues so it will require you quite a bit of manual clean-up.

Also, The tool is not user friendly to set up custom integration rules.

Real review to a real Best Account-Based Orchestration Platforms service


Account-Based Orchestration Platforms are essential for coordinating targeted marketing strategies across multiple channels and departments. However, not all platforms deliver the seamless integration and functionality needed to drive effective account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns.

Here we dissect the primary grievances that users express about these platforms, according to customer reviews, and offer advice on how platform providers can avoid these pitfalls to surpass their competitors.


Insufficient integration capabilities


What competitors get wrong: One of the most cited issues with competitor platforms is their lack of integration capabilities with other marketing tools and data systems. This limitation complicates data synchronization and streamlines campaign execution, leading to disjointed marketing efforts and data discrepancies.


How to do it better: To excel where others fall short, ensure that your platform offers robust integration with a wide range of CRM systems, marketing automation tools, and data analytics software. Implement standardized APIs that facilitate smooth data flow and campaign coordination across all integrated tools.

Regularly update integration capabilities to include new and emerging technologies to maintain an edge.


Complex user interface


What competitors get wrong: Users frequently struggle with complex and non-intuitive user interfaces on many account-based orchestration platforms. A steep learning curve can discourage platform adoption and limit the utilization of its full capabilities.


How to do it better: Your platform should prioritize user experience with a clean, intuitive interface that simplifies complex processes. Design the interface with clear navigation, visual campaign flows, and straightforward tools that require minimal training.

Offering customizable dashboards and user settings can also enhance the user experience, making the platform more adaptable to individual needs.


Limited scalability


What competitors get wrong: Another common drawback is the limited scalability of some platforms, which can hinder the growth of a company’s ABM efforts as their business expands. These platforms may not handle increased data volumes or the complexity of larger, more dynamic campaigns effectively.


How to do it better: Design your platform to scale seamlessly with the growth of your clients’ businesses. Incorporate high-performance databases, cloud-based services, and efficient data handling processes that can manage large datasets and complex campaign logistics without a hitch.

Providing flexible pricing and features that grow with the user can also be a key selling point.


Inadequate reporting and analytics


What competitors get wrong: Inadequate reporting tools and analytics capabilities are frequently noted issues. Competitor platforms often provide generic reports that lack the depth needed to gauge campaign effectiveness and ROI accurately.


How to do it better: Differentiate your platform by offering comprehensive, customizable reporting tools that provide deep insights into campaign performance, customer engagement, and ROI.

Utilize advanced analytics to generate predictive insights and actionable recommendations that can further optimize ABM strategies. Allow users to tailor reports to their specific needs to maximize relevance and usability.


Poor customer support


What competitors get wrong: Subpar customer support is a recurring theme in reviews of account-based orchestration platforms. Users report slow response times and inadequate support in addressing platform issues or guidance on best use practices.


How to do it better: Invest in a knowledgeable, responsive customer support team. Offer multiple channels for support, including live chat, email, and phone, along with extensive online resources like tutorials and FAQs.

Regular training sessions and proactive customer engagement can help ensure clients are satisfied and fully informed on how to leverage the platform effectively.




By addressing these frequent mistakes made by competitors in the Account-Based Orchestration Platforms industry, your company can not only meet the market’s demands but exceed them.

Focus on seamless integration, user-friendly design, scalability, detailed analytics, and exemplary customer support to position your platform as the go-to choice for businesses looking to maximize their ABM efforts.

With these strategies, your platform will not only attract new clients but also retain and grow with them as they expand.


Is this what you expect to see at the end of the article? No!

Oh, revolutionary! By simply not repeating the same old blunders your competitors make in the Account-Based Orchestration Platforms industry, your company is on the verge of becoming the prodigy of the business world.

Just focus on seamless integration—because evidently, no other company has ever thought of making their systems work well together.

And a user-friendly design? Groundbreaking!

It’s not like we’re in an age where people actually expect technology to be easy to use.


Don’t forget scalability. You wouldn’t want to only cater to today’s needs and then just throw up your hands when a client grows.

No, no, you’re going to grow with them, like some sort of corporate symbiosis—what a concept! Include detailed analytics too, because clearly, data is such a novel ingredient that no one else is using it to make decisions.

And let’s top this all off with exemplary customer support, because, of course, all other companies treat their support as just an opportunity to say hello, not actually solve problems.


With these absolutely unheard-of strategies, your platform will not only attract new clients but keep them forever, like some sort of business fairy tale. Because, as we all know, simply doing what you’re supposed to do is an absolute rarity in the tech world!




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