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Reviews for construction equipment rental

Collecting customer reviews plays a key role in managing the reputation of a business engaged in construction equipment rental. Feedback helps attract new clients and improve the quality of service.

To increase the number and quality of reviews received, entrepreneurs must establish a specific system.


How to get reviews for construction equipment rental


Offer to leave a review directly after using the service

After the rental period for equipment or machinery ends, contact the customer via a convenient communication channel (email, phone call, SMS, or messenger) and ask them to leave a review. Ensure the communication is polite and make it clear to the customer that their opinion is truly valuable to your business.

Provide direct links to your website pages or social media profiles.


Integrate a review system on your website

Develop a reviews section directly on your website where people can easily leave their opinions and ratings. This could be a feedback form or a dedicated review module where they can rate and comment.

Add the option to upload photos of the equipment in action. This approach increases the trustworthiness of the reviews.


Using review platforms

Register on popular review platforms such as Google My Business, Yandex.Maps, TripAdvisor, and specialized construction equipment sites. Regularly update information about your business, respond to reviews, thank for positive ones and address negative ones.


Incentivizing customers to write reviews

Offer clients discounts, bonuses, or other forms of incentives for sharing their opinions. Emphasize that the reward is given for the fact of leaving a review, not for its positivity.

This helps you avoid data distortion and maintain trust in your business.


Conducting satisfaction surveys

Regularly conduct satisfaction surveys among your clients, one of the questions being a request to leave a review. This can be done via email or a mobile application.

Surveys help collect feedback and identify problems in the service or the quality of the provided equipment.


Social media

Actively use social media to communicate with clients and encourage them to post reviews. Post interesting cases of using your equipment.

Run promotions and contests asking clients to share their rental experiences. This creates a community around your brand and facilitates the receipt of natural feedback and ratings.


Personalized approach to clients

When asking clients to leave a review, use a personalized approach: mention details of the rented equipment, specific terms of the deal, or any unique aspects of the collaboration. This increases the likelihood of receiving feedback.



A systematic approach to collecting client reviews is an integral part of developing a business in the construction equipment rental sector. Applying the methods described above will not only increase the number of reviews received but also enhance client satisfaction and their loyalty to your brand.


Examples of construction equipment rental reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names are not mentioned).


Rented a concrete vibrator, it broke after completing only a third of the job. Called them, they offered to come and exchange it for a working one, but I didn’t go, it was too far and I had no time. Brought the tool back in the morning, no accusations, everyone was polite and dignified, and they returned all the money, not charging a penny for the rental!

Great job 👍 they value their reputation!!!


Good thing we read reviews about this company before paying. We placed an order, they sent a contract.

According to the contract, we are responsible for everything, the Lessor is magical, he can do anything. I asked for amendments in the Contract regarding the Lessor’s responsibility, also unclear relationships with the sole proprietor Abramov, to whom they billed for delivery.

No terms, no addresses, no responsibility.

Here’s what they answered:

“…No changes will be made to the contract.

If you are not satisfied with some aspects of the organization of delivery — come to the warehouse yourself and receive/return the equipment. The warehouse is located at: Moscow, Dorozhnaya St., 54k5.”

Clause 4 of the Appendix to the Contract states: Defective Property is accepted by the Lessor by a Return Act indicating identified defects. If the Lessee refuses to sign such an act, the Lessor signing it, makes the corresponding note.

In this case, a unilaterally signed act has full legal force.

I asked to remove this clause from the Appendix, as this clause gives the Lessor the opportunity, in any case and at any time, to draw up a unilateral act of return of faulty equipment and even if this is not the case, recognize it as such.

Read the Lessor’s answer above.

Great service. Imagine how the ProkatMSK employees treat clients after the client pays everything.

God saved us. Do not recommend.



Brought the equipment at 9:00 because starting at 9:30 a new day of payment begins, at 9:40 nobody arrived, it was closed. It says that working hours start at 9:00.

Called the phone, someone answered “So the person overslept, what’s the big deal?” What???

What irresponsibility??? How can you tell us NO LATER THAN 9:30, OR A NEW DAY OF PAYMENT BEGINS, and you don’t come to work!!!

We got up 2 hours earlier specifically to make it by 9:00, and you don’t care about the clients!


Professional and responsible!

Ordered a truck lift for removing icicles from the roof of my boss’s country house on Nikolina Mountain. The boss’s rating: 10 out of 10.

Initially, it seemed that renting a truck lift for a few hours was simple. But after a series of conversations with various unclear people, who promised everything but guaranteed nothing, luckily found the MostTransArenda site.

Manager Ruslan responded, immediately understood what was needed, and calculated the cost. Since I couldn’t get to the office by 18:00, at my request we switched to video communication.

And I saw with my own eyes that the photos on the website are not fakes, pulled from the internet. The operator Oleg arrived 5 minutes before the designated time, worked quickly, precisely, and neatly.

PS all contacts are now recorded in several places, so I don’t lose them )))


Excellent company! Has bailed us out more than once with the transportation of special machinery at any time of day or night, they work quickly, transport precisely!

Huge thanks for the cooperation!


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