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Reviews for eyewear

The importance of customer reviews is undeniable in modern business. They not only help improve the quality of products but also serve as a guide for potential customers.

For a successful business, especially in the field of eyewear sales, accumulating positive reviews is essential. Let’s consider various ways that can help you receive numerous and positive feedback from your clients.


How to get reviews for eyewear


Actively encourage feedback on your website

Create a convenient and prominent section on your website inviting visitors to share their opinions about the product. Ensure that the feedback button is easily noticeable and understandable.

You can also use pop-up windows or emails asking for reviews after a purchase.


Offer incentives for leaving a review

Many customers may be interested in receiving a discount or a bonus for writing a review. Consider offering a discount on the next purchase or participation in a prize draw if a review is provided.


Personal contact with the customer

Set up a feedback system where you personally contact customers after a product purchase. Thank them for their purchase and invite them to share their impressions of the product.

For example, this can be done via email or even a phone call.


Use of social media and online platforms

Create an active presence on social media and online platforms where your brand can receive feedback from clients. Actively engage in dialogue with customers, respond to their questions and comments, and encourage leaving reviews.


Make it easy to leave reviews

Ensure that the process of leaving feedback is as simple and intuitive as possible. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices so customers can leave reviews using a smartphone or tablet.


These suggestions will help you increase the number and quality of reviews for your eyewear, ultimately aiding in increasing sales and strengthening your brand’s reputation.


Examples of eyewear reviews


Below are real reviews from real customers (company names not specified).


Wonderful salon! Visiting there is like going to a branded car dealership after being in Uncle Vasya’s garage)

Huge selection of frames for any budget and taste, many of which you won’t find anywhere else! But the real value is, of course, the people working in the salon!

Very polite, attentive, accommodating, super professional specialists! It’s nice that they recommend exactly what you need, considering the customer’s tastes, without the infamous hard-selling.

Special thanks to Tatyana – a specialist in frames with impeccable taste, and Natalya – a specialist in selecting lenses! With my very complicated vision, they chose glasses that made life shine with new (clear) colors!

Big thanks to them!


I owe these business glasses 😂 and super cool glasses to this store and especially to Tatyana. There are no words, now it’s my favorite optical salon!

Never in my life has anyone approached with such enthusiasm to select frames for me) 68 frames, it’s not one hour just so you understand))

The service is just top-notch, the consultants’ taste is clearly on point. I am absolutely satisfied with everything: quality, lenses, price, terms, level of service.

Prosperity! I am your customer 100%


Dear MasterGlasses team Finally, I got around to leaving a review🥲😌😇 Special thanks to Yulia for helping with the lens selection and Alexey for helping choose the frame 🥹😇

My journey was long and tedious 😂 but the guys managed, and I am satisfied to this day and will always be grateful to them. P.s these are my first glasses 👓

Besides Alexey and Yulia, other employees helped me too, I respect them😎 Success to each and infinite prosperity to the Company 🦾


Great consultant and we precisely selected the frame. I knew I needed titanium, but couldn’t decide on the shape of the lenses, they helped with everything, let me try on, the frame was like a constructor, there was a choice of colors, sizes, bridge over the nose, in short, selected perfectly.

Made glasses faster than planned, excellent quality, I see the world with new eyes and it is beautiful! 🙂


Hello everyone, I highly recommend Masterglass 👍😍 I saw the Emporio Armani frame on the website and I already bought it ((fast delivery)) everything was super.

A week later I was in the showroom again because I like many different models. Already ordered two more 😉😁

Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss… Of course, I will order more – The people who work there are very helpful, and they like to help choose and recommend the right glasses. They are just professional..

Can’t wait to get my new glasses to buy more new ones. Thank you very much 🌹🌹🌹


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