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Reviews for furniture delivery service

To successfully develop a furniture delivery business, it is not only important to provide quality service but also to actively collect reviews from clients. These reviews play a crucial role in shaping the company’s reputation, increasing trust among potential clients, and continuously improving the service.

In this guide, we will look at various ways to obtain feedback from clients and how to effectively implement them into the work process.


How to get reviews for furniture delivery service


Email and SMS messages

After completing the delivery of furniture, send the client a personalized email or SMS, thanking them for choosing your services and requesting a review of the team’s work. Include a link to a comment page or feedback form in the message so the client can easily and conveniently share their opinion.

Ensure the message is written in a friendly and polite manner, emphasizing the importance and value of the review for improving the service.


Interactive communication channels

Use interactive communication channels, such as social media chats or messengers, to communicate with the client after the furniture delivery and remind them of the opportunity to leave a review. Create a special bot or automated messages that will direct clients to the feedback page.

It’s important to maintain a dialogue with the client so they feel valued and acknowledged.


Incentives and motivation

Offer clients an incentive to leave reviews by providing discounts, gifts, or bonuses for filling out a survey or leaving a rating. Create a loyalty program where clients can receive additional bonuses for each review left.

Ensure the program’s terms are clearly and understandably laid out so that clients can easily take advantage of the offer.


Post-sale service and follow-up contact

After completing the furniture delivery, continue to stay in touch with the client and inquire about their satisfaction with the services. A timely call or personal message can help clarify any issues or problems that may arise and allow the client to express their opinion directly.

Offer assistance or additional services if necessary, and remind them of the opportunity to leave a review about the company’s work.

Effectively collecting reviews from clients is not only a way to improve service and increase client satisfaction but also a valuable tool for promoting the business and attracting new orders. By following the above methods, you can actively interact with clients and receive valuable feedback that contributes to the development of your business.


Examples of rurniture delivery reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not mentioned).


Needed to move a small office. Ordered a truck and two movers the day before.

They arrived, looked at the workload… “No, too much stuff here…” And they left) Had to call around again, looking for someone else.

Ended up wasting another two hours searching. I strongly do not recommend this organization!


Guys, you are the best! So lucky to have found you, never regretted it!

It was a very challenging move, narrow staircases, no elevator, assembly/disassembly of furniture, everything packed super professionally, they work fast, accurately, know their stuff, pay attention to details, offer advice, and are fun and spirited)) thank you ❤ wishing you success and prosperity!

If it’s a move, it has to be with you, love at first move!)))


While we were having tea, the guys moved our apartment 😀 Perfect!

If you think “Ah, I’ll just hire some random movers, what’s the difference,” you are greatly mistaken, they are incomparable! Professionals at their work, everything done precisely, quickly, and neatly!

Thank you!


Moving is like a flood! Known fact…

When the deadline for apartment handover is pressing, it’s crucial to act quickly. By turning to “Move Without Hassle,” we received rapid, on-time furniture delivery!

The mover guys carefully handled fragile items like children) Worked calmly and stubbornly for two days straight!

A huge 60×200 cabinet with glass doors was disassembled, delivered to the 8th floor without a freight elevator, and reassembled! And everything else too.

The inspiring and organizer of the mover group—Nikolai knows how to make the team work fun and demanding at the same time) No one complained!

Not seen in any “doping” )) Thank you, guys!

Wishing you further development!


The day before the move, the operator called to confirm addresses, time, etc. Arrived on time, even a bit early.

The cargo – a large sectional bookcase and many boxes of books. Removed the doors from the bookcase.

Wrapped it in our stretch film. No additional money asked, everything as agreed. They didn’t drag out the time.

Carried it carefully on the road. At the destination, they placed the bookcase where we told the movers to.

Hung the doors back. Everything quick and precise.

The cat at home wiped all the shelves clean) I recommend the company “Cargo on the Go.”


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