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Reviews for international freight services

In the international freight industry, client reviews are a valuable tool for evaluating service quality and improving it. Receiving feedback from customers helps identify and rectify weaknesses while highlighting strengths for further development.

In an industry where competition is constantly growing and every opinion matters, a strategic approach to collecting reviews can be key to success.


How to get reviews for international freight services


Utilizing automated review collection systems

Set up a system that automatically sends emails or SMS messages requesting reviews after each delivery. Ensure that the messages are brief, concise, and contain a direct link to the review form.

This increases the likelihood of receiving reviews.


Integration of review form on the website

Place an accessible and understandable review form on your official website. Specify that every opinion is important and will be considered.

Provide the opportunity to rate various aspects of the service, such as delivery accuracy, cargo safety, and customer service quality.


Personalized approach to key clients

For large and regular clients whose reviews are particularly valuable, use a personalized approach. For example, after completing an important delivery, personally approach a company representative and ask for feedback on the quality of the work done.


Conducting satisfaction surveys

Regularly conduct surveys among clients to gather structured feedback on various aspects of your service. Use specialized platforms that allow you to analyze results and identify trends.


Incentivizing review submission

Offer customers a discount or bonus for leaving a review. This approach not only motivates customers to share their experiences but also encourages repeat business.


Utilization of social media and professional platforms

Actively engage with your pages on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as professional logistics and international transportation portals.

Regularly post reviews and success stories on these platforms to increase the trust of potential customers.


Monitoring and responding to reviews

It is important not only to collect reviews but also to analyze them and timely respond to negative comments. This demonstrates your interest in customer opinions and readiness to improve your service.


Each of these methods requires careful planning and implementation. However, overall, they can significantly increase the quantity and quality of reviews received from international freight customers, leading to increased trust and improved reputation of your company in the market.


Examples of international freight services reviews


Below are real reviews from real customers (company names not provided):


They couldn’t process the cargo for two hours. They make you run back to the warehouse for a windshield. They mark cargo inspection.

Although I foresaw it from the very beginning and asked the receiver.


We turned to Graylogistics when we needed to transport personal belongings to Munich. We were so worried about the safety of the cargo that we tracked its movement every day.

The democratic price (our weight was up to 1t) and the speed of delivery pleased us. Thanks, I recommend it to everyone!


Terrible company performance under sanction conditions. They couldn’t send the cargo directly from China to Russia for several months.

After that, they found a supposedly alternative route through Dubai. On-site, it turned out that the carrier couldn’t forward this cargo.

Now the goods have been stuck in Dubai waiting for rain on Thursday for a long time.

And since the company doesn’t actually take any obligations, all that’s left is to wait for a miracle. Simple conclusion: the company is not flexible and cannot solve emerging problems.

They write excuses every week. Think twice before cooperating with them.


Good company, collaborated several times, delivered the cargo well, no complaints.

The packaging is strong, I even got tired of unpacking upon receipt 🙂

Once the cargo arrived with a slight delay, just a couple of days, but it wasn’t critical for me, besides, they kept me informed and warned about it in advance.

Adequate prices, adequate managers. Recommended them to several of my acquaintances, some transported personal belongings, some purchased goods.

As far as I know, they are still working with you, no complaints.


Amazing service! I finished my studies in Moscow, returned to Abu Dhabi, UAE, and wanted to bring valuable personal belongings with me.

I called them in the evening, they answered and explained everything very professionally and clearly. They organized the delivery of my personal belongings from my apartment to their warehouse, including packing the TV, personal computer, monitors, books, etc.

They store items for up to 2 weeks for free, which was wonderful, as it was exactly what I needed. After I paid for the services, they put my items on the next flight, and they instantly arrived at my doorstep.

Everything was fast, professional, and wonderful. Highly recommend!


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