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Reviews for motorhome sales and rentals services

Customer reviews play a key role in the successful development of a business in motorhome sales and rentals. They not only strengthen the company’s reputation but also help potential customers make decisions in favor of the services.

Following the recommendations below will allow you to systematically gather reviews. This will contribute to building trust and increasing the customer base.


How to get reviews for motorhome sales and rentals services


Creating a convenient review platform

It is necessary to ensure the availability of convenient channels for leaving reviews. This can be a special section on the website where customers can easily leave their comments and ratings.

It is also important to use popular platforms such as Google My Business, Yandex.Maps, and TripAdvisor. Opinions about services are published on them.

Make sure that the review process is as simplified as possible and does not require unnecessary effort or time from the customer.


Offering incentives

Motivating customers to leave reviews by offering various bonuses or discounts can increase the amount of feedback. For example, you can offer a discount on the next motorhome rental or free additional services.

It is important to emphasize that incentives are offered for the review in general, not for a positive assessment, to ensure impartiality.


Personalized requests

After completing a sale or at the end of a rental period, send the customer a personalized email or message asking for a review. It is important to do this as personally as possible, mentioning details of their journey or use of the motorhome.

People should feel that their opinion is genuinely valued. Including a direct link to the review page to simplify the process will be effective.


Interacting with customers

It is important to actively engage with customers who have already left reviews. This is important for encouraging new comments.

Thank people for their opinions, respond to comments, especially if they have pointed out any issues. This demonstrates to future customers that you value feedback and are willing to work on improving your services.


Using social media

Social media is a powerful tool for collecting reviews. Regularly post reviews from satisfied customers on your accounts.

This approach will encourage others to share their experiences. You can also create special hashtags.

Customers will be able to easily share their impressions of their motorhome journey. In addition, holding contests among those who have left reviews can be an additional incentive for their publication.


On-site feedback

Install terminals or tablets at your facility with open review pages. Customers can express their opinions directly on-site.

This is especially convenient when emotions from the journey are still fresh. At this moment, many people are ready to share their impressions.

Make sure that the review process on these devices is as simple as possible and does not take up much time.


Staff training

Your staff should be well-informed about the importance of reviews and know how to properly ask for them from customers. Train your employees on when and how it is best to approach people with such a request.


It is also important to respond correctly to reviews, especially negative ones, to maintain a positive company image.

Consistently applying these methods will not only increase the number of responses about your motorhome sales and rental business but also increase the level of trust and loyalty among customers. Ultimately, this will lead to increased sales and business growth.


Examples of motorhome sales and rentals services reviews


Below are real reviews from real customers (company names not disclosed).


Rented a motorhome from them and was satisfied. Everything is clean and not worn out.

They delivered to the recreation area on time and provided instructions. Helpful owner.

Asked to bring extra water, he did not refuse. I recommend.


A week ago, I submitted a request on the website for a motorhome rental for May holidays. A week has passed, no response.

I call and say I want to rent for May holidays and then it turns out that they saw my request and someone should have called me, but got sick. And they ask if I have any more questions ????? ….

I was just amazed, I say what motorhomes are available for May and what do you think – they send me to the website from which I actually submitted the request a week ago.

I say I want to go to Norway, Georgia, or Crimea for a couple of weeks. Based on what will be open.

They tell me, now only Crimea, so I say now and not May.

In general, the guys have obvious problems with sales. )))) If someone from the sales management reads the review and corrects the situation – you will not be without customers.


Took a motorhome van. Thanks to the manager A.

for offering us the best van of all. Traveling around Europe, everything is fine with the car.

Husband is delighted, children sleep peacefully, and comfortable beds for everyone.

Everything works fine. Would like to get a discount for the review :)))

We want to go again but to Crimea with your company.


My son’s dream has come true!) We’ve been gathering thoughts for a whole year and finally did it! At first, we were cautious about the idea of ​​traveling in a motorhome, but all our doubts were dispelled at the first call.

They provided detailed instructions during delivery and provided support during the trip. It turned out to be not scary but interesting, comfortable, and cozy in the motorhome.

There is enough space for a family of 4. We really liked it, we will definitely repeat!


A huge thank you to the entire camper tour team for our vacation! The feeling that you are ‘your own master’, you can plan routes, have picnics under the open sky, look at the stars in any part of Crimea, and then spend the night in comfort inside our motorhome – it’s just awesome!

We hesitated for a long time, honestly, I was afraid – we traveled as a whole family (2 adults, 2 children) – didn’t know how it would be, but it’s a Mega adventure for the kids!

It’s cozy in the camper, comfortable to sleep. It’s great to make breakfast in the morning, right by the sea)

and if you don’t want to cook – please, you can ‘dock’ to any café)

The guys suggested cool locations in Crimea, we wouldn’t have come up with half of them ourselves. Recommend!


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