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Reviews for personal training services

Gathering feedback from clients is a key aspect for any personal trainer conducting individual sessions. Client reviews serve as a powerful tool for attracting new clients.

It is crucial to systematically approach the collection of reviews to maximize the positive perception of your work and increase recognition.


How to get reviews for personal training services


Direct request after a session

After each training session, ask your client to leave a review. It’s important to do this in person, as direct contact increases the likelihood of a positive response.

Explain how important their opinion is to you and how it can help improve the quality of your training sessions. Offer a convenient way to leave a review, such as through social media, specialized sites, or directly on your website.


Using email

Develop a template email to request a review, which will be sent to clients after training sessions. The email can include links to review platforms and briefly remind them of the benefits of your training program.

Make sure the text of the email is personalized and shows a genuine interest in the client’s opinion.


Creating incentives

Offer clients an incentive for leaving a review. A discount on the next session, a free class, or other bonuses you can offer.

Emphasize that every opinion is valuable and helps in the development of your services. However, ensure that the incentives do not appear as an attempt to “buy” a positive review but are perceived as gratitude for feedback.


Using social media

Actively use your social media profiles to collect reviews. Regularly post requests for reviews and provide direct links to review platforms.

You can also run contests or promotions among those who have left a review to encourage participation. Social media makes it easy to create a community around your brand where clients can share their successes and recommendations.


Personal approach to each client

In personal training, a personalized approach in communication after sessions is especially important. Show clients that their opinion is unique and important to you.

How? You might mention specific aspects of their progress or goals they have achieved thanks to your sessions. This approach not only encourages reviews but also strengthens relationships with clients.


Real-time feedback

Offer clients the opportunity to leave reviews immediately after the training session using a tablet or smartphone with an open feedback form.

It is important to collect feedback as quickly as possible while the impressions from the session are still fresh. Ensure that the process of leaving a review is as simplified as possible to not take too much time from the client.

Systematic collection of reviews is extremely important for the development of a personal trainer’s brand. By using the methods suggested, you can build a positive reputation among existing and potential clients.

Remember, every review is a step towards improvement and an opportunity to deepen your connection with your clients.


Examples of personal training services reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not mentioned).


Anton is an excellent trainer, attentive, very punctual. We’ve been training for the second year.

He helped choose exercises tailored to my specific requests and formed a nutrition system considering my goals. The training sessions are engaging.

Yes, he’s also very responsible (or desperate) – we had training sessions outside even at -13 degrees. I highly recommend him as a trainer.

P.S. He’s handsome and incredibly humble.


I’ve been training with Sergey for 5 months, lost 11 kg. I feel 10 years younger)) testosterone is surging…))

Top trainer!!! Excellent technique work, personalized approach, and just a wonderful and responsive person! Highly recommend.

Thank you, Sergey, and a deep bow to you.


Very knowledgeable trainer and a true professional! I felt the results after the second training session, it became easier to perform exercises.

After 10 sessions, I am absolutely amazed at what I can do 🙂

My back pain stopped, I feel better, and now I can’t walk past a mirror without admiring myself 😅

Alexey explains everything in detail and clearly, it’s easy and fun to work with him, he really pushes you to your max in the sessions.

There was no question about whether to buy another package of sessions, definitely – yes.

My gratitude to this trainer knows no bounds!!!


I’ve been training with Nikita for 5 years now, our first sessions were tough and everything hurt terribly. But Nikita always encouraged me.

His signature phrases to my whining:

  • Nikita, I can’t anymore!
  • You can, Anya, two more times.

And indeed, you do those two toughest times, and then you barely walk home, but you’re satisfied and happy:) It’s specifically his influence that makes you want to achieve your goals, he energizes you and gives you belief in your strength!

I value him for his patience and attention, intelligence, and broad knowledge. Plus, Nikita is an interesting conversationalist, you can chat about anything with him and laugh from the heart.

In addition to a toned body, I’ve gained a great friend!


She will slim you down!) The workouts are very accessible, both for home and the gym.

She designs a diet plan based on the foods you have at home. Very attentive and truly loves what she does 😍

And the inches just melt away


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