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Reviews for pet taxis

Prompt feedback from customers plays a significant role in improving the quality of pet taxi services. Gathering reviews helps adjust the service according to user preferences and also shapes a positive image of the company in the eyes of potential clients.

Therefore, developing an effective review collection strategy is an integral part of successful business management in the pet transportation industry.


How to get reviews for pet taxis


Direct request after service

After completing a trip, the pet taxi driver should politely ask the customer to leave a review about the quality of the provided service.

This can be done verbally or by printing cards with links to the company’s social media pages or review websites. It’s important to emphasize how crucial each customer review is for the company.


Electronic surveys

Sending emails or SMS with a request to leave a review after the trip is a highly effective way to gather feedback. The message should include a direct link to the review form, making the review process much simpler.

To increase response rates, a discount for the next trip can be offered for leaving a review.


Mobile application

If the pet taxi has its own mobile application, push notifications offering to leave a review after the trip can be beneficial. This approach can serve as an excellent tool for collecting reviews.

It’s important to provide users with a convenient and understandable interface for writing reviews directly in the application.


Social media and specialized platforms

Active presence and interaction on social media and review platforms increase brand recognition and can stimulate customers to share their experiences with the service.

Organizing contests among those who leave reviews, publishing positive stories about the pet taxi, providing individualized attention to each customer and their pet can contribute to attracting new reviews.


Feedback through drivers

Pet taxi drivers can be not only the face of the company but also active participants in collecting reviews. It’s important to train drivers on how to correctly ask for reviews and how to report on the specifics of each trip to the office, as this is an important aspect of involving staff in the review collection process.

Subsequently, the data is analyzed, and depending on the results, the quality of service is improved.


Implementation of a loyalty system

Developing a loyalty system involves rewarding bonuses for leaving reviews. Such a solution can significantly increase customer interest in providing feedback.

It’s important that the system is simple, understandable, and attractive to users. Bonuses should be used for payment of future trips or obtaining additional services.


To successfully collect reviews from pet taxi customers, a comprehensive approach is necessary. There are various methods and communication channels available for this purpose.

Openness to feedback, active interaction with customers, and a commitment to improving service quality are the main factors that help obtain positive reviews and develop the business.


Examples of pet taxi reviews


Below are real reviews from real customers (company names not disclosed).


I was deeply touched by such service and warm attitude. The delivery wasn’t simple; I had to send a kitten to Sheremetyevo airport to someone catching a connecting flight.

Driver Vadim calculated the time to pick up the kitten at the address and was already waiting at the arrival zone during the connecting flight.

He sent videos of the kitten during the transport. Thank you so much! Good luck and prosperity!


I traveled to the Flint veterinary clinic in Dolgoprudny from Moscow with the wonderful Vadim in a Renault Megan. He arrived a bit early, helped load my chow chow, the car was clean, equipped for the trip.

We arrived at the clinic a bit early too; he supported me morally all the way, helped keep the dog in the clinic. Marilyn warmed up to him as to an old friend, despite being a very distrustful chow.

Special thanks to the patient dispatcher.

I booked the trip on Wednesday 24.01., kept bothering them about the trip. Everything was very friendly. Thank you guys so much!!!


We’ve used Austin pet taxi services many times this year and I want to express my delight!

You are real helpers to whom you can entrust the most precious things! The ‘unaccompanied trip’ service has saved us many times when there’s no time to go with your pet but missing the vet visit is impossible.

Thank you for photos, videos, punctuality! Next year, we’ll only go with you!


Wonderful Ekaterina transported my three very scared British cats safely and soundly, arrived on time, helped load not only the cat babies but also their belongings. We traveled fast, the car was warm and cozy.

The price is very reasonable. Thank you so much!!!

If I ever move with cats again, I’ll only turn here.

Chose the pet taxi based on reviews on Yandex.


I picked up my redhead pup from the Nekrasovka shelter in July 2022 with Austin Pet Taxi’s help. Driver Alla helped get my timid dog into the car and was very attentive throughout the trip.

The car had everything necessary, like a pet car seat and diapers; the trip was long, over 2 hours, everything went great.

Thanks again to the driver Alla and Austin Pet Taxi. Will gladly use the service again soon 🙂


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