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Reviews for theater

Receiving feedback from theater visitors is a crucial element in improving the quality of performances and service level. Reviews help assess the work of the cast, the quality of productions, and the comfort and convenience of the auditorium.

They also serve as an important indicator for potential customers when choosing a place to visit. Let’s look at various ways to encourage visitors to share their impressions.


How to get reviews for a theater


Paper surveys in the foyer

Place stands with surveys and pens in the theater foyer. Visitors can leave their reviews during intermissions or after the performance.

Ensure that the survey includes questions about the quality of the performance, staff performance, auditorium comfort, and suggestions for improvement. Provide space for free-form comments.


Electronic surveys via email

Send electronic thank-you emails after a visit with a request to complete an online survey. Use the addresses provided at the time of ticket purchase.

Design a variety of questions and a rating scale, and allow for open-ended comments. Ensure anonymity and confidentiality of responses.


Theater’s mobile app

Develop a mobile app where viewers can buy tickets, learn about upcoming events, and leave reviews about the performances. The app can feature a rewards system for active participation.

For example, discounts on tickets or exclusive content.


Social media and review platforms

Actively use social media and review platforms to collect reviews. Create a page for your theater on sites like TripAdvisor or Google Reviews.

Visitors will be able to rate and comment on their experience. Regularly post content on social media and encourage the audience to discuss.

Invite them to leave reviews right under the posts.


Personal request from staff

After the performance, theater staff can approach audience members and ask them to share their impressions. This approach increases the likelihood of receiving feedback.

People understand that their opinion is genuinely important.


Interactive kiosks in the foyer

Install interactive terminals in the foyer. This could be a touchscreen with a simple interface where visitors can select a rating and leave a comment.


Video reviews

Set up an area in the foyer where visitors can record a short video with their impressions. This format allows for collecting live reviews and using them as compelling content on social media and the theater’s website.


Collecting and analyzing reviews from visitors is an integral part of developing a theater. The described methods not only improve the quality of services provided but also establish a strong connection with the audience.

This, in turn, contributes to the growth in popularity and attendance.


Examples of theater reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names are not mentioned).


Interesting place. Studio Theater, only 125 seats, action visible from any angle.

But if you have a chance to get a front row ticket, take it) you’ll definitely be at the center of the action. The stage starts right there.

Watched the play “At the Bottom”. Innovative decorations, nothing superfluous to distract from the essence of the work.

Wonderful production. The piece by Gorky, in my opinion, slowly draws one into a disgustingly melancholic sense of hopelessness. But the director managed to convey and emphasize the tragedy in each character’s fate.

Without losing the classical writing of the play. Director – Bravo!

Actors are professionals. You might even recognize some.

That also added a pleasant significance. Prices are democratic.

My evening was a success)) thank you!


Excellent theater! My wife and I greatly enjoy attending the performances.

The repertoire is so broad that everyone can find a performance to their liking. The hall is small, so almost any seat is good.

Everything happens right in front of you. A special pleasure is had in the first row.

You can almost reach out and touch the actors. There hasn’t been a single play where a man’s tear hasn’t run down my cheek.

Such emotional and piercing performances by the actors.

Highly recommend!


Favorite theater! I go with friends very often and there is always something to surprise and enjoy.

Maybe some are put off by the not very presentable appearance, but the actors’ performance more than covers this. After visiting more famous theaters in Moscow and catching bad performances, you realize that not all that glitters is gold.

A theater to which you want to return again and again. Bravo! And thanks to everyone involved!


Wonderful theater, excellent actors, the hall is small, cozy, interesting productions, some I’ve seen several times, easy to buy tickets on the site, many plays require advance purchase. If you’re tall, the first row is most comfortable, further back your legs won’t fit 🤷

If you haven’t been to this theater yet, I advise you to visit. Favorite play “The Master and Margarita”


We were with a child at the play “The Daring Fly.” Just great!

A charge of positivity, my cheeks hurt from constant smiling)🫶. The bee was very colorful 👏👏👏👏👏👏


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