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Reviews for trampoline park

Customer reviews play a crucial role in improving the quality of services and customer satisfaction at trampoline parks. Actively involving visitors in the feedback process shapes a positive image of the establishment and attracts new customers through recommendations.


How to get reviews for trampoline park


Offering review options on-site

Create a convenient and attractive area at the exit of the trampoline park where visitors can leave their feedback. Install tablets or terminals with user-friendly interfaces for collecting reviews.

Offer incentives. For example, a discount on the next visit or participation in a ticket giveaway.


Using QR codes

Place QR codes in prominent locations inside the trampoline park. Scanning will direct visitors to the review submission page.

This could be a social media group, the park’s website, or a dedicated review platform. QR codes can be placed at the exit, in the resting area, or in the café.


Electronic surveys after visits

Send emails or SMS messages asking for reviews to the contacts provided by customers during registration or booking. The message should include a simple form for leaving feedback.

It is important to emphasize that each customer’s opinion can improve the trampoline park’s service.


Feedback through social media

Actively use the trampoline park’s social media pages to collect reviews. Regularly post calls for sharing experiences of visits.

Conduct interactive polls, contests with prizes for the best review. It is important to ensure prompt interaction with visitors: respond to comments, thank for reviews, and react to criticism.


Collaboration with review platforms

Register the trampoline park on popular review platforms and tourism websites. Regularly update information about the park and run promotions to encourage leaving comments on these platforms.

It is important to monitor incoming reviews and respond to them to demonstrate care for visitors’ opinions.


Personalized approach to visitors

Train the trampoline park staff to ask for reviews at the end of visits. Especially if it is evident that the visitor was satisfied.

Employees should understand that reviews are crucial for the park’s development and service improvement.


Creating incentive programs

Develop a loyalty program that rewards reviews. For example, offer points that can be exchanged for extra time on the trampolines or other prizes.


Such an approach not only encourages visitors to share their opinions but also increases interest in repeat visits.

A systematic approach to obtaining and analyzing reviews from visitors helps the trampoline park improve the quality of services provided and build trust with customers. Implementing the proposed methods requires time and effort.

However, they pay off by increasing visitor satisfaction levels and loyalty to the brand.



Examples of trampoline park reviews


Below are real reviews from real customers (company names not disclosed).


Great trampolines, many options, both for kids and adults, and all are very bouncy! The Panda Park trails are excellent!

The kids’ area is lovely! The adult area is very long and challenging.

The food in the café is delicious, pizza, pancakes, kebabs, everything was good, but especially the wonderful berry drink!


Hello! I want to thank you for being there!

This is the best café and trampoline center! I come with my child anytime, in rain or cold, and in heat!

The child can play well, jump, and you can also eat very deliciously. There is everything, pizzas, soups to choose from, fries, nuggets, salads, and much more delicious and useful, and the atmosphere is so pleasant, cozy, and clean.

And special thanks to all the staff, very friendly, kind, responsive! In general, I’m satisfied, and the child is happy!

Thank you.


For the unpretentious. Large trampoline area.

Mandatory warm-up. But the play area is sad, untidy, worn out, something is destroyed and doesn’t work.

There is a large slide, the rope route is interesting. The instructor guys (for an additional fee) work well, they try.

There is a virtual reality zone now, but somehow not in the overall concept… As if it interferes.

The restaurant is without frills, the waiter works fast. Seems like everything is there, but so carelessly, old-fashioned, not thought out, and not cozy…

Although the child likes it – that’s probably the main thing. For 2 hours in 2 zones (trampoline and play), dinner in the cafe for the 3 of them (2 pizzas, 1 liter of berry drink, 1 salad, 2 fries) paid 7500 rubles – I consider it expensive.

The instructor services and virtual reality were paid separately. Equipment is provided, sneakers only for the route.

Parking is free. Located on the 3rd floor of the shopping center.


We celebrated our child’s birthday there excellently! The convenient children’s café on the second floor allows you to watch the kids.

We’re also satisfied with the animation, we took a quest. There is a Tarzan zone. 5 hours flew by unnoticed, although initially it seemed like a lot)))

Regarding the dishes in the café. The “Margherita” pizza is certainly NOT the best in my life (not enough sauce and tastes like ordinary tomato paste), but it’s okay for kids!

Plus various fried foods: nuggets, potatoes, cheese sticks – went down a treat! And another nice thing – you can bring your own cake without extra charges, which was important to me as a confectioner.

And be careful with the photographers – ours was too intrusive. The photo quality is so-so, but you’ll have to pay)))


My child has been asking to have his birthday at Squirrel Park for a long time. We didn’t prepare in advance, invited friends, and quickly drove there after calling the park.

It was a Friday, and there weren’t many kids with parents. So it was a lot of fun for my two friends and my girlfriend.

The trampoline and entertainment area is very large. They didn’t need everything included since the area for little ones wasn’t needed.

After 2 hours, they got tired and hungry. The café is here and overlooks the park.

So you can watch the kids. I worked a little on my computer, watching their races because you can’t go shopping here)) only construction stores)) and then fed the athletes.

Pizza and fries, soda and lemonade. Children don’t need anything else, but I would like more variety of dishes.

Everyone was satisfied! By the way, accompanying adults can also jump, relieve stress))

We’re thinking of repeating our trip in September))


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