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Telegram is an innovative messenger focused on speed, security, and user-friendliness. Launched in 2013, it quickly became one of the leading messaging platforms globally, now serving over 500 million users with fast and secure communications.


Service features


Telegram offers a broad range of features that make it one of the most user-friendly and functional messengers on the market. Here are some of its most significant features:


Voice, video, and text communication

Users can exchange messages in any format—text, voice, or video—providing flexibility and convenience in communication.


Group chats

Telegram allows users to create group chats with up to 200,000 members, making it an ideal solution for large communities as well as small groups of friends or colleagues.


Secret chats

Secret chats in Telegram offer an additional level of privacy with end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and the option for messages to self-destruct, ensuring maximum security and privacy.


Unlimited chat and file sizes

Telegram has no limits on the size of chats or files. Users can share files up to 4 GB, making it an ideal tool for transferring large amounts of data.


Premium subscription

Telegram’s premium subscription offers additional features such as increased limits on the number of chat folders, the ability to pin up to 10 chats, and sending files up to 4 GB. Subscribers also gain unique features like voice message transcriptions and ad removal.


Service benefits


Privacy and security

Telegram uses advanced encryption methods to protect user data, ensuring a high level of privacy and security across all chats.


Fast and reliable message delivery

Its distributed infrastructure and the MTProto protocol ensure fast and reliable message delivery, even with a weak internet connection.


Unlimited chat and file sizes

The absence of limits on chat and file sizes allows for unrestricted data exchange.


Premium subscription

The premium subscription offers additional features and capabilities, enhancing user communication.


Open source

Transparency and trust are promoted by making the code open source, allowing users to verify the app’s security and reliability.


As a result, Telegram is a modern and innovative messenger that combines high privacy, extensive functionality, and ease of use. It enables users to communicate securely and conveniently with friends, family, and colleagues, regardless of location and time.


What users often scold about Telegram


Reliability and security issues

Users express concerns about the reliability and security of the messenger. One review states, “There was a failure and all records were deleted without the possibility of recovery. This never happens in other services. This is the third time. Zero reliability.”


Interface and app functionality issues

Users complain about frequent account logouts and app malfunctions. One review says, “The account constantly logs out.”


Lack of effective technical support

Users are dissatisfied with the absence or ineffectiveness of technical support. One review notes, “Volunteer Support completely ignores user requests.”


Notification and authorization problems

Users report issues with receiving notifications and authorizing in the app. One review mentions, “I set the sound notifications button, but they do not come.”


Ineffective anti-scam and fraud measures

Users criticize the ineffectiveness of the anti-scam and fraud measures. One review states, “Terrible support service. I wrote to support 1.5 months ago about a Telegram channel that caused me to lose a large amount of money.”


What users often praise about Telegram


Ease of use and configuration

Users frequently praise the ease of use and privacy settings of the messenger. One review says, “It’s easy to use. Secure, you can set the visibility of your phone number and display the time of your last visit to the messenger.”


Replacement for social networks

Users appreciate the messenger as an alternative to social networks. One review says, “A good replacement for social networks.”


User interface convenience

Users note the convenience of the messenger’s interface. One review states, “User-friendly interface.”


Privacy settings

Users value the ability to customize privacy settings. One review mentions, “You can set the visibility of your phone number and the time of your last visit to the messenger.”


Percentage of reviews


Based on the reviews provided, about 40% of the reviews are positive, while about 60% are negative.

This indicates significant issues with reliability, security, and the quality of technical support in the messenger, potentially reducing user satisfaction and trust.