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Umnoe ZHKH

The Umnoe ZHKH digital platform is a website designed for effective management of residential funds. Its technological foundation promotes the creation of a unified service standard and increases sales, as well as the profitability of managing housing and communal services.

The platform includes a mobile app for residents, a web dashboard for dispatchers and management company (UK) employees, mobile applications for maintenance technicians and inspectors, a personal account for goods and services suppliers, a management company website, and a service for apartment handover.

It is compatible with various software solutions used in management companies.


Service features


The platform offers many capabilities. We will review the Umnoe ZHKH digital platform and focus on its most significant and important features.


Mobile app for residents

Submission of requests to the management company.

Transmission of utility meter readings.

Possibility of branding the app under the management company.

Organization of votes.

Ordering and paying for paid services.

Viewing news.

Receiving push and SMS notifications.

Automatic utility payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Management of engineering equipment.

Participation in owners’ meetings in various formats.


Web dashboard for dispatchers and UK employees

Sending notifications.

Managing delinquencies.

Assigning executors to requests.

Recording phone conversations.

Creating tasks for scheduled maintenance.

Receiving feedback from residents.

Conducting owners’ meetings.


Mobile app for maintenance technicians and inspectors

Viewing a list of requests with status indications.

Time tracking of execution.

Access to contact information per request.

Photographic documentation of completed works.


Personal account for goods and services suppliers

Display setup.

Reception and processing of requests from residents.

Accepting online payments.


Management company website

Providing company information on a single page.

Possibility of branding in the company’s corporate style.


Apartment handover service

Ensuring a comfortable transition of apartments from developers to owners.


Service benefits


Flexibility and multifunctionality

The Umnoe ZHKH platform offers a variety of tools for both residents and UK employees, as well as service providers, ensuring flexibility and multifunctionality in solving various tasks.


Integrations and compatibility

The site is compatible with different software solutions, allowing for easy integration into existing systems and fully meeting the needs of management companies.


Security and compliance

The platform ensures a high level of data security and confidentiality, complies with federal legislation, and is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs.


Effective customer interaction

The system provides extensive capabilities for managing client relationships, including sending notifications, managing access, feedback, and document handling.


Ease of use

An intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate the system and effectively use its functionality to achieve set goals.

The Umnoe ZHKH digital platform represents an innovative solution for management companies aiming to enhance the efficiency of their operations and ensure a high level of resident services.

With its features, integrations, and data security, the platform is indispensable in the housing and communal services sector.


What users often scold about Umnoe ZHKH


UK employees’ office design

Some users have remarks about the design of the management company employees’ office, noting that the first impression might not be the most favorable: “The initial impression of the UK employees’ office design is not very modern.”


What users often praise about Umnoe ZHKH


Freedom to choose accounting systems and bank acquiring

Users highly appreciate the freedom to choose accounting systems and bank acquiring, which allows them to flexibly adapt to changing conditions and business requirements: “One of the significant factors in choosing the Umnoe ZHKH platform for us was the absence of restrictions on selecting accounting systems and bank acquiring.”


Broad functionality and quality technical support

Users highlight the broad functionality of the platform and the high level of technical support, which greatly facilitates use and ensures prompt resolution of emerging issues: “Moreover, the platform’s functionality is broader than that offered by other companies, and, importantly for Umnoe ZHKH, the tech support is always available.”


Percentage of reviews


Positive reviews account for 100% of the total number of reviews presented. The absence of negative reviews can be perceived as a positive quality indicator of the service.

The presence of broad functionality and flexibility of choice, as well as high expertise and quality technical support, make the service attractive to users.

The overall impression of the service, based on the reviews presented, is extremely positive. Users highlight in the service its freedom to choose accounting systems and bank acquiring, broad functionality, and quality technical support.