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Zendesk is a web service designed to provide effective support to customers and visitors. The field of visitor services requires continuous attention and prompt response, and Zendesk is specifically created to address this need.

It offers a convenient and multifunctional solution for employees, managers, and administrators, enabling on-the-go customer assistance. Zendesk facilitates the management of all types of support requests, easing the workload for staff.


Service features


The platform offers numerous capabilities. We will review Zendesk, focusing on the most significant and important features to give readers a comprehensive understanding of the service without overwhelming them with information.


Handling all modes of support requests

Zendesk allows efficient management of all types of support requests, regardless of their nature and source. This includes handling tickets, notifications, comments, and other forms of inquiries.


Viewing event lists as tickets and notifications

With this platform, employees can easily view a list of all events in the form of tickets and notifications, allowing for prompt responses and timely customer support.


Convenient ticket search and knowledge base access

There are convenient tools for ticket searching and accessing the knowledge base. This solution enables quick information retrieval and more effective problem resolution for customers.


Notifications of request updates

Zendesk automatically notifies staff of all updates and changes in requests, allowing for quick responses and quality customer service.


Prepared responses for frequently asked questions

The ability to create and use prepared responses for frequently asked questions saves response time and increases staff efficiency.


Uploading and displaying files attached to inquiries

Zendesk allows for the easy upload and viewing of files attached to inquiries, providing a fuller understanding of the customer’s issue and enhancing the quality of support offered.


Creating images and attaching them to tickets

The platform enables staff to create images and attach them to the corresponding tickets, simplifying the visualization of issues and improving communication with customers.


Service benefits


Security and confidentiality

Zendesk provides a high level of security and confidentiality of data, including access through HTTPS protocol, multi-factor authentication, and backup in multiple locations, ensuring information protection and customer trust in the service.


Broad functionality and integration

The site offers a wide range of functionalities for managing support requests and effective staff operation. Moreover, Zendesk integrates with various services and platforms, allowing it to be adapted to specific business needs and processes.


Excellent reporting and analytics capabilities

Zendesk has extensive capabilities for tracking and analyzing staff performance and customer service levels. Companies can make informed decisions and continuously improve the quality of support provided.


Ease of use and mobile access

The service features an intuitive interface and user-friendly navigation, making it simple to use even for new users. Additionally, mobile apps allow quick access to data and site functions anytime and from anywhere.


Use of artificial intelligence for automation

Zendesk actively uses artificial intelligence to predict customer behavior and automate the handling of support requests. This approach allows for quicker response to inquiries and increases staff efficiency.


Zendesk provides quality customer support and eases staff workload. Its broad functionality, high level of security, and analytics capabilities make it an indispensable solution for modern companies aiming to meet their customers’ needs.


What users often scold about Zendesk


Slow loading

Users frequently express dissatisfaction with the slow loading speed of the service. One review states: “Slow loading,” which can significantly slow down workflows and degrade user experience.


Poor UI

Users also complain about the unsatisfactory user interface. One review mentions “Poor UI,” indicating that users struggle with the service’s interface due to its inconvenience or inefficiency.


Issues with sending responses

Several reviews highlight frequent problems with sending responses through the service. One user writes, “Responses often don’t send, and you have to click several times and/or try to restart the browser.” This creates inconveniences for users and can lead to delays in handling customer inquiries.


Difficulties in working with zendesk

Users also express dissatisfaction with difficulties in working with Zendesk. One review states, “Zendesk frustrates me every time I need to respond to an assigned request,” mentioning problems with opening attached images and sending responses, which can negatively affect their professional activities.


What users often praise about Zendesk


Work with gmail shared inbox

Users highly value the ability to work with a Gmail shared inbox within the service. One review points out, “The only positive in Zendesk is support for the Gmail shared folder.” This indicates that users find this feature convenient and useful for their work.


Percentage of reviews


Negative reviews of the service predominate over positive ones. Users more frequently express dissatisfaction with slow loading, an inconvenient user interface, problems with sending responses, and difficulties in working with Zendesk. At the same time, positive reviews mention only one advantage – working with the Gmail shared inbox.