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Knopka — is an accounting outsourcing service with management accounting and legal protection.

It is designed for enterprises that wish to efficiently manage their finances and operational processes. It offers solutions for existing LLCs and sole proprietorships, as well as for those planning to start a business.


Service features


For a more detailed and understandable overview, we will focus on the most significant and important functions of the “Knopka” service.


Accounting, tax, and HR management

“Knopka” provides accounting services, tax accounting, and HR process management for companies with up to 70 employees.


Submission of reports to state authorities

The service guarantees the submission of reports to state authorities, complying with legislative requirements.


Legal support

Users can receive legal consultation and support for various business tasks on the “Knopka” website.


Assistance with business tasks

The service helps with finding suppliers and contractors, working with banks, preparing tender documentation, and other business tasks.


Service benefits


Ease of use

Knopka offers a convenient web interface and apps for Android and iOS. This ensures easy access to the service from any device.


Wide functionality

The service has a wide range of capabilities, including accounting, reporting, management accounting, legal support, and assistance with business tasks.


Security and confidentiality

Knopka protects personal data using the HTTPS protocol and multiple-location backups.


Compliance with legislation

The service complies with federal laws and guarantees adherence to Russian legislation requirements.


Counterparty support

Users easily interact with counterparties, exchanging documents and managing access to information.

The “Knopka” service is a tool for business management. It helps reduce risks, improve efficiency, and ensure transparency in accounting and company management.


What users often scold about Knopka


Unstable synchronization and incorrect data

Users express dissatisfaction with the instability of synchronization and the accuracy of data. One review notes: “1C synchronization did not work for about 2 years, and we displayed incorrect data in our personal Knopka dashboard.”

This creates serious problems with data verification and analysis, which can lead to errors in accounting and tax reporting, as well as distrust in the service.


Prolonged business growth process

Users express dissatisfaction that the service does not facilitate rapid business growth. One review says: “We never got past the startup stage over several years while we worked with them.”

This indicates insufficient flexibility and adaptability of the service to the evolving needs and scales of users’ businesses.


Interface difficulties

Users note difficulties with the service interface, especially regarding some additional functions.

One review says: “The interface could be tweaked. Knopka has its own app for document exchange and communication with the team, which is convenient – if talking about the chat. But some additional functions (for example, the ‘Primary Documents’ section) are a bit complicated in the interface.”

This creates additional obstacles for users and complicates work with the service.


What users often praise about Knopka


Speed and expertise in problem solving

Users highly rate the speed and expertise in problem-solving by the service.

One review says: “Speed of problem-solving, expertise. You can rely on these guys. The lawyers are really great!”

This gives users confidence in the quality of the services provided and helps them effectively solve current tasks.


Reasonable cost and having a whole team of specialists

Users highly appreciate the affordability and cost of the services. One review says: “At Knopka company, it’s quite conveniently thought out that for the salary of one accountant, you hire a whole team.”

This allows users to receive quality service at an affordable price and feel confident in the competence of the specialists.


Percentage of reviews


Analysis of the reviews shows that negative comments predominate over positive ones. Approximately 60% of reviews contain negative statements about the service, while only 40% contain positive feedback.

This can create some difficulties and cause dissatisfaction among users, especially in relation to shortcomings such as problems with data accuracy and a prolonged business growth process.

However, positive aspects such as speed and expertise in solving problems can partially compensate for these shortcomings and improve the overall user experience with the service.