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Moj Klass

Moj Klass is a CRM system specifically designed for schools, children’s centers, and various educational institutions. It offers a wide range of functionalities, including a class calendar, notifications via WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, email campaigns, IP telephony integration, financial management, task handling, and much more.


Service features


The platform offers numerous features. We will review Moj Klass and focus on the most significant and important functions, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the service without overwhelming them with information.


Group and individual class management

The system allows for effective organization of both group and individual classes, maintaining schedules and appointments.


Application reception and client statuses

The CRM manages the process of receiving applications from clients, tracking their statuses, and interacting with potential students.


Payments and debt control

Tools are available for recording client payments, monitoring debts, and automatically notifying about due payments.


Payroll calculation for educators

Moj Klass automates the payroll calculation process for educators and other staff, considering worked hours and other parameters.


Registration forms for websites

It is possible to create and integrate registration forms on websites, simplifying the process of enrolling new students.


Notification of class start

The CRM automatically notifies clients of upcoming classes through various communication channels such as WhatsApp, Viber, and SMS.


Reports and analytics

Moj Klass provides a wide selection of reports and analytical data on payments, clients, sources of applications, and other aspects of clinic activities.


Integrations with various services

More than 25 integrations with various services are supported, enhancing the system’s functionality and improving business processes.


Service benefits


Security and confidentiality

Client data security and confidentiality are guaranteed, including access via HTTPS protocol and data backup.


Ease of use

Moj Klass offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it convenient for both staff and clients.


Deal and payment management

The system facilitates easy management of transactions and financial records, allowing for effective financial aspect control of the business.


Advanced reporting capabilities

Moj Klass offers extensive analysis and reporting capabilities, helping to make data-driven decisions.


Integration with external services

Compatibility with various external services is available, enabling functionality expansion and process automation.


What users often scold about Moj Klass


Insufficient analytics and integration

Users express dissatisfaction with the lack of capability for comprehensive analytics and UTM tags, and weak functionality for automatic tracking of client sources.

A review states, “It’s not possible to work in the CRM with any kind of comprehensive analytics, UTM tags, weak functionality for automatically tracking the source of the client.”

This creates difficulties in analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and identifying client acquisition sources, limiting business development opportunities.


Limited financial accounting

Another disadvantage noted by users is the limited capabilities of financial accounting within the service.

Users report that as their accounting becomes more complex and their business grows, they find it impossible to continue managing finances within the CRM.

A review explains, “As we grew and our accounting became more complex, we couldn’t continue to manage our finances in the CRM.”

This indicates limitations in the service’s functionality when dealing with expanding business processes, which can be inconvenient and hinder financial management.


Limited integration capabilities with whatsapp and other services

Some users also express dissatisfaction with limited integration capabilities with other services, such as WhatsApp.

A review points out, “All our communication with clients and our bot mainly works through WhatsApp… Moj Klass doesn’t want to integrate with them.”

This limits ways to interact with clients and can complicate management of communications within the organization.


What users often praise about Moj Klass


Ease of use and functionality

Users note the ease of use and functionality of the service.

A review says, “We track client visits, calculate salaries, there’s good integration with SMS campaigns, we use the client’s personal account… The service has never gone down.”

This indicates that users appreciate the service’s capabilities for tracking client visits, automating salary calculations, integrating with SMS campaigns, and the convenience of using the client’s personal account.


Support and development

Users also highly rate the quality of support and the active development of the service.

A review states, “Support responds beautifully, gives examples… They constantly roll out new functionality, slowly but surely developing.”

This reflects that users receive fast and quality responses from support and see constant development and improvement of the service through the introduction of new functionalities.


Percentage of reviews


Positive reviews of the service outweigh the negative ones. Users frequently express positive opinions about the ease of use, functionality, and quality of support.

However, there are some drawbacks, such as limitations in analytics and integration with other services, which can affect the user experience.