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Reviews for building materials store

In the world of construction and renovation, one of the key elements for successful business development is feedback from clients. Customer reviews are not only an indicator of the quality of services provided but also a valuable source of information on what can be improved in the operation of a building materials store.

In this article, we will explore various ways to obtain numerous reviews from clients and effectively use this information to improve service.


How to get reviews for building materials store


Active engagement with customers

Start by training store staff to actively approach each customer with a request to leave a review. It is important that the approach be friendly and polite, not intrusive, but persistent enough to make the customer feel that their opinion is important to your store.

Also, offer various ways to leave a review: through online platforms, on paper forms in the store, or even via SMS after a purchase.


Creating incentives for reviews

Consider what incentives might be for customers to leave reviews. For example, you could offer a discount on the next purchase or entry into a prize draw among those who have left a review.

This tool can become a powerful motivator for customers to share their opinions.


Convenient online platforms

Create simple and convenient online feedback forms on your website. Make sure that the review process does not take much time and the form is easily accessible from mobile devices.

This approach will significantly increase the likelihood that customers will leave a review.


Active participation in social networks

Be active on social networks and create separate posts dedicated to customer feedback. Invite people to share their experiences with your store, ask questions, and stimulate discussion.

This tool will help create an active community of customers and stimulate more reviews.


Organizing promotions and events

Conduct special promotions and events where one of the conditions of participation is leaving a review about your store. For example, there could be an open house day with contests and gifts for those who provide feedback.

Such events will help draw attention to your store and encourage customers to leave reviews.


Post-sale service

Do not forget about actively interacting with customers after a purchase. Send thank you letters or emails requesting a review of the service quality.


It is important to create an atmosphere of trust and an understanding that the customer’s opinion is valuable to your business.

Effectively obtaining reviews from customers is an important element in the development of any business, especially in the field of construction and renovation. By following the methods mentioned above, you will not only increase the number of reviews but also create deeper engagement with your customers and improve the quality of services provided.


Examples of building materials store reviews


Below are real reviews from real customers (company names not specified).


Called the “Construction World” store to inquire about the availability of a 40mm mixer cartridge. I described my cartridge, Konstantin didn’t understand me, suggested I take a photo and send it via WhatsApp.

Took a photo of the broken cartridge with dimensions and of the cartridge on the store’s website, which I intended to buy. Sent it over WhatsApp.

Again they don’t understand and ask me to formulate my question, I record my question about cartridge compatibility again. Now they suggest I bring the broken cartridge to the store, even though there’s a store website and delivery.

I replied that I would be forced to write a negative review on Yandex, no reaction followed. Called another store – they explained everything using the same photos.

I believe the salespeople don’t want to know and understand their business, thus complicating work for themselves and consumers. My rating is 1 star.

I will not buy goods in this store.


Good store. Often visit.

Good selection of household items, chemicals, electrics. The construction part is also commendable.

Bought a lot here. We hope that the large construction around does not destroy this store.


At 20:55 there are no employees present anymore, the cashier sits in her clothes and doesn’t let anyone leave. The security guard at the entrance also didn’t warn that the store operates until 20:55, only warned that the store is closing (in reality, there are no consultants present, the cashier for the last 5 minutes stood in clothes and with a bag in her hands, insisting it was 20:00.

When pointed out that it’s actually 20:57 she remained silent


Strange that this store has 5 stars on Yandex! But purchasing on November 2 around 18-15 – turned into a trek across a rough terrain to the goods issuance warehouse!

This is not a joke! To receive the paid goods – had to walk about 400 meters through a dark, dirty, dug-up industrial factory yard – practically knee-deep in mud!

None of the employees warned about such an adventure – for paid goods! In response to the complaint about such a strange method of receiving paid goods – the store manager – simply kept silent (not her business) and the cashier – said you need to drive there!

By the way, returned the goods! Sorry, didn’t take a photo – but it was very dark – on the way to the warehouse!


Interesting yard of household and building materials. Service though is quite Soviet, for lovers of the USSR.

Felt boots everywhere) but otherwise everything’s in place!


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