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Reviews for car insurance

Every review is not only an assessment of the quality of services but also valuable feedback that helps to continuously improve the services. Every client’s opinion is valuable.

It is necessary to strive to ensure that services meet their expectations at the highest level. Therefore, people’s opinions are very important.

Below we will look in detail at ways to collect reviews for car insurance services.


How to get reviews for car insurance



Sending emails to clients after concluding an insurance policy or settling an insurance claim is a good way to gather reviews.

The email should include a request to share their opinion about the service and a direct link to the feedback form on the website. Explain that reviews help improve the service.


Online platforms

Register on popular online review platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, or Trustpilot.

This solution will allow people to leave reviews about your services. It is important to monitor activity on these platforms and respond to comments promptly.


Social networks

Active presence on social networks allows interaction with people and encourages them to leave reviews.

Posts with calls to action, contests among followers with prizes for the best comment, and customer success stories can all be inspiring reasons to share their experience.


Telephone surveys

Conducting telephone surveys after concluding an insurance policy or settling an insurance claim provides feedback and an assessment of satisfaction levels. It is important to ensure anonymity and convenience for clients during the survey.



Offer small bonuses or discounts for leaving reviews. This can be an additional incentive for active participation.

It is important that incentives are honest and comply with the company’s policy.


Personal approach

Personally approaching clients during the insurance process or the settlement of an insurance claim is an effective way to encourage them to leave a review. Offer to fill out a survey or rate on the spot, emphasizing the importance of their opinion to you.


Using QR codes

Place QR codes on promotional materials or receipts. They will redirect to the page for leaving a review.

This solution can significantly simplify the process for clients and stimulate their active participation.

Each of these methods has its advantages and is suitable for different situations. Choose the ones that are suitable for your company and target audience.

Do not forget to express gratitude to clients for their time and feedback.


Examples of car insurance reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not mentioned).


Sold the car, terminated the contract. They are not returning the money!

I’ve been unable to reach them for a week! Wrote an email, no response either!

I will never deal with this company again. Now I will be filing a complaint with the CB and CRA.

I’m fed up!


A huge plus for the processing time from coming up with the thought that insurance was needed to receiving it in hand took 1.30 minutes, and the time from payment to receiving it and full processing was 6 minutes.

Thank you Artem Avadyaev! Don’t hesitate to contact him, I have been insuring with him for 7 years.


I took out a CASCO policy with a deductible of 10,000 rubles. Over the year, the car got several scratches from unknown vandals.

I filed three scratches in one application, which the policy allowed. Tinkoff artificially split one application into three, to collect a deductible of 10,000 rubles from each.

In this case, there is no point in applying under the policy, as it is cheaper to do it yourself. Scratches are removed by polishing.

Why pay for CASCO if you have to do the repair yourself, it’s unclear. The low cost of CASCO is tempting, but now it’s clear why it’s low.

Not because the processes are well organized, but because you will end up paying for the repair yourself. Be careful.

It’s better to overpay but know that you won’t be cheated, rather than buy a CASCO policy from TCS.


Terrible insurance. I do not recommend it, waiting 2 months to repair the car (just a headlight, bumper, and fender) managers are passing the buck and in the end, I am still waiting.

It’s been 2 months already, they respond with templates!!!! NOT WORTH BUYING INSURANCE HERE!

I will never contact you again. Attached a screenshot for you to see they called me and told me to wait until 20.02

As a result, today is 21.02 and there is still no response. I am going to court.


A very strong focus on customer attention and saving their time. Never had to wait more than 10 minutes.

Everything that can be done remotely is done remotely. Procedures that require personal presence are by prior arrangement and without queues.

When someone rear-ended me, Gregory succinctly but comprehensively instructed me over the phone on further actions and highlighted points requiring attention. I do not want to change agents =)


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