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Reviews for park

An important component of successful park management is continuously obtaining feedback from visitors. Customer reviews not only help understand their needs and expectations but also serve as a tool for continuous improvement of service quality.

This document will explore various methods that can help gather numerous reviews from park visitors.


How to get reviews for park


Electronic surveys and questionnaires

Creating electronic surveys and questionnaires is a simple and effective way to collect reviews from visitors. Special online platforms or applications can be used to create questionnaires with questions about the quality of service, convenience of conditions, and suggestions for improvement.

It is important that the questionnaires are available both during and after the visit to the park. Offer incentives such as discounts or bonuses for completing the questionnaire.


Interactive feedback terminals

Installing interactive feedback terminals at several points in the park can significantly increase the number of reviews received. Terminals should offer simple and quick feedback forms.

This allows visitors to evaluate different aspects of their park visit. It is important that these machines are visible and easily accessible to all visitors.


Mobile apps

Developing a mobile app for the park with a feedback feature can be an effective way to collect visitor opinions. The app can offer various tools for assessing the quality of services.

Allow visitors to leave a comment or suggestion, rate the service, and receive notifications about ongoing promotions and events.


Personal interaction and active invitation to review

A good method is personal interaction with visitors and actively inviting them to leave reviews. Staff can be trained in special techniques for interacting with customers and asking them to fill out surveys or leave comments.

It is important to show genuine interest in visitors’ opinions and convince them of the importance of their feedback to you.


Social networks and online platforms

Active presence on social networks and various online platforms also helps gather a large number of reviews. Regularly post invites for visitors to share their experiences at the park.

Also, respond to comments and inquiries from visitors, showing attention to their opinions and a commitment to improving services.


Contests and giveaways

Conduct contests and giveaways among visitors who have left reviews of the park. This approach can stimulate a greater number of reviews.

Offer valuable prizes or gifts to those who leave the most informative or original comment, thereby motivating clients to actively express their opinions.


Building a community of visitors

Creating and maintaining a community of park visitors in the online space can also be a source of valuable information. Develop forums, chats, or special groups on social networks.

Here, visitors can exchange opinions, share experiences, and suggest ideas for improving park services.

These methods can be effective tools for obtaining feedback from park visitors. It is important to choose those that are most suitable for the specific establishment.

Also, continually develop and refine the process of collecting feedback, aiming to improve the quality of services provided.


Examples of park reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not mentioned).


The park’s advantages end with beautiful illumination and a large open space. They didn’t clear the snow all winter, it was impossible to walk with a stroller.

We thought they were overwhelmed by a snowy winter, but once the snow stopped, the park administration decided to clear 3 main paths and sprinkle the rest with clay, sand, and salt, making it look as if it was smeared with crap.

Nothing heard about ramps in the park, apparently, people with limited mobility and those with strollers can’t enter the aqueduct, nor can they use some of the paths (like past the temple).

The park has neither a toilet nor a simple water vending machine, not to mention cafes or kiosks. A complete misunderstanding of where all the positive reviews come from.

So much in the park is done under the slogan “this will do”.


Arrived at 7 PM, wanted to rent some tubes for the family, but the rental was inexplicably closed, tried calling the numbers on the door, no one answered!

Eventually, we all went home disappointed, as the purpose was to go tubing down the hill!

What is HAPPENING with the rentals? Do they operate whenever they feel like it?

There were many people who wanted to ride and were unhappy with the rental service!


Visited in winter for the hill. Read the great ads, but everything turned out very sad.

The tubes don’t slide. It feels like they’ve been sprinkled with something, although it’s not visible.

Took a couple of photos with a bear made of lights and went home disappointed.

Can’t say much about the park itself. Only about the races.


Great park, cozy, always find a bench. Many dog owners, but all seem reasonable.

The aqueduct is open for passage in the evenings on weekends. On sunny days, you can lie on the grass on the slope, sunbathe…

Would give 5 stars, but the Russian Orthodox Church has other plans… Right now, they’re building a large temple right in the park…

Area fenced off, construction ongoing, constant noise… I suppose once it’s built, priests and monks will be chasing away sunbathing visitors…

In Torfyanka they’re still fighting, but here it seems the locals just don’t care… And most importantly, a wooden chapel stands just 20 meters away…

And as a result – literally, as soon as they started building the temple, the clinic serving the entire district was closed. Locals now have to go to Kasatkina, which is far…


Beautifully restored place. In winter, a paradise for kids and adults, a huge hill for tubing, sledding, and bum-sliding 😁

But I consider a huge minus to be the lack of a toilet. After all the riding and drinking tea, both adults and kids need one.


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