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Reviews for real estate development company

Collecting customer reviews is a key aspect of improving the quality of services and reputation for a real estate development company. Reviews not only help identify areas for improvement but also build trust with potential clients.

A systematic approach to receiving feedback can significantly increase customer satisfaction and contribute to business growth.


How to get reviews for real estate development company


Integrating a review system on the company’s website

Develop a section on your website dedicated to client reviews, where they can easily share their opinions about your company’s work. Include functionality for rating the quality of services across multiple parameters, such as product satisfaction, quality of support, and project completion speed.

Ensure there is an option for commenting and responding to comments to maintain two-way communication.


Using email to collect reviews

After successfully completing a project, send clients emails asking them to leave a review of the collaboration. Include a direct link to the review page in the email.

Emphasize the importance to your company of knowing the client’s opinion and how it will help improve service quality.


Client meetings

Regularly hold meetings with key clients to discuss completed work and gather verbal reviews. This not only allows you to collect feedback on your work but also deepens relationships with clients.

Take their suggestions and criticism into account for further development of the company.


Customer satisfaction surveys

Create and distribute satisfaction surveys following the completion of each project. Use tools like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to create detailed questionnaires.

Ask not only about the overall level of satisfaction but also about specific aspects of your team’s work, such as code quality, adherence to deadlines, and communication.


Interactive platforms and social networks

Actively use social media and professional platforms like LinkedIn to post successful case studies and gather reviews. Encourage clients to share their experience working with your company on social media, which will not only help collect reviews but also increase your brand’s visibility.


Bonuses for reviews

Offer small bonuses or discounts for detailed reviews to further encourage clients to share their opinions.


Loyalty program

Implement a loyalty program where clients can earn bonuses, discounts, or additional services for leaving reviews. Such incentives can significantly increase client activity in writing reviews.


Real-time feedback monitoring

Use monitoring and analytics tools to track feedback in real time. Respond promptly to negative reviews and resolve issues, as well as quickly identify and leverage positive feedback in marketing campaigns.


Creating case studies and reviews

Actively publish case studies and real client reviews on your website and social media. Potential customers will gain insight into your company through real examples of successful projects and satisfied clients.


Organizing events and webinars

Host events and webinars on topics that may interest your clients. Actively collect feedback and reviews during these events.

In addition to evaluating the content of the event, ask participants about their company experience and their collaboration with you.


Internal company feedback

Implement an internal feedback system so employees can share their opinions about work and provide mutual support. Satisfied employees often are the best advocates for your company, which can lead to additional positive reviews.


Improving customer service

Continuously improve the quality of customer service. The better your customer service, the more likely clients are satisfied and ready to leave a positive review.


Following these guidelines will help your real estate development company actively collect reviews from clients, thereby improving service quality and strengthening brand reputation.


Examples of real estate development company reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not specified).


Home Emotion is noisily built at night. We haven’t been able to sleep normally for two months.

Tired of calling the police. Called the main office and asked them not to break the noise law.

The secretary was rude and suggested I sue them.


Such lawlessness as theirs is rare to find. It’s not enough to buy an apartment from them, be prepared that you won’t be able to look at the house without tears later, and the management company they put in place will completely break it down, covering up the builder’s faults.

You’ll also be trying to get rid of the management company for several years. Just read the chat of any of their buildings and see the chaos that reigns.


This is the worst builder in Russia! They deceive people, lie, and turn areas into ghettos!

They deceived thousands of people in the Edinburgh Residential Complex by promising one thing and ultimately turning the area into a ghetto!


Guys, DO NOT BUY APARTMENTS FROM LSR, ESPECIALLY WITH FINISHINGS, they delay handover VERY MUCH, especially since they were given amnesty, they know that they cannot be sued and are actively taking advantage of it, not in a hurry at all.

Our apartment in the 9th phase of Rays, all entrances handed over, except ours with finishings.


Glavstroy is like hitting the jackpot with Drake – fulfill their promises about settling into a residential complex? Nooo.

Install their fed management companies and conduct fake owner’s meetings, bill for non-existent services and absent service? Oh yes.

The Coastal Residential Complex does not meet the ‘business class’ category name.


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