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Reviews for restaurant

Collecting feedback from restaurant visitors plays a crucial role in improving service quality and enhancing customer satisfaction. Reviews provide restaurateurs with valuable feedback, helping to identify strengths and areas for improvement, and facilitating timely adjustments.

Moreover, positive reviews can help attract new guests and build a positive image of the establishment. This article presents detailed methods and strategies for effectively gathering feedback from your restaurant’s visitors.


How to get reviews for restaurant


Direct interaction with guests

Train your staff to ask for reviews at the end of a visit, especially if it’s clear the guest was satisfied. The approach should be tactful and non-intrusive, for example, during the bill presentation.

Hand out contact cards or flyers as guests leave, asking them to leave a review on specific platforms or your website.


Using technology

Place QR codes on tables, in the menu, or on receipts, which direct guests to a review page. The ease of use of QR codes increases the likelihood of receiving feedback.

If your restaurant has its own mobile app, include a feature for leaving reviews. Encourage its use through a loyalty system.


Social media and review platforms

Create accounts on popular social networks and regularly post engaging content. Engage visitors in dialogue, reminding them of the opportunity to leave a review.

Ensure your restaurant is represented on platforms like TripAdvisor, Google My Business, Yelp, and others. Actively manage your profiles, respond to reviews, thank for positive ones, and constructively respond to negative feedback.


Incentives for reviews

Develop a loyalty program that offers incentives for leaving reviews, such as discounts on future visits, free drinks, or desserts. It’s important that the reward does not appear as buying a positive review but rather as a token of gratitude for the time spent.

Organize contests among guests who leave a review, with prizes and gifts, which not only encourages them to leave reviews but also increases customer engagement in your restaurant’s life.


Feedback through managers

Have managers personally thank guests for their reviews, especially if they contain specific suggestions or remarks, showing attention to customer opinions and a desire to improve.


Analysis and adaptation

Regularly analyze the feedback received to identify trends and areas for improvement. Use this information to adjust restaurant operations and improve service quality.


Responsiveness to reviews

Be responsive to all reviews, appreciating positive feedback and addressing any issues raised in negative reviews. Demonstrating responsiveness to customer feedback shows commitment to improvement and helps maintain a positive public image.


Examples of restaurant reviews


Below are real reviews from real customers (company names not specified):


Visited the restaurant on Lubyanka with the family on Saturday, February 17th. The food was delicious, and we liked the service. Everything was perfect. But! The musical accompaniment was terrible. The singer was Georgian, but the repertoire was odd and the performance was the worst. He kept screaming into the microphone. We had to eat and run, not enjoy the evening.


We ordered on January 12th, left feeling upset! Ordered grilled fish, came as tough as a boot sole, absolutely not worth the money! Ordered several portions of khinkali with beef and lamb, couldn’t tell which was which! Asked for the food to be delivered between 3:00-3:30 PM, it arrived at 2:30 PM!


I was at this place, ripped my new expensive jeans on a side of a table that had a blade-like metal sticking out, approached the manager, and all he said was ‘sorry’ and nothing more could be done. If I went to court, I wouldn’t get anything anyway. When I come to their restaurant, I expect safe furniture that doesn’t cause financial damage! Not customer-oriented! Terrible treatment of their guests! Not only did I rip my jeans, which now I have to throw away (they cost 29,000 rubles!), but I got no compensation, and we fully paid for our dinner!


Came with colleagues for lunch. A plump rat was crawling on the wine cabinet a couple of meters from us! None of the staff reacted to this, they just shone a flashlight on the cabinet and continued serving food. After serving, they tried to add a 10% service charge to the bill, which was not included in the account, and it had to be paid only by a personal transfer. When reminded of the rat, they offered ‘we’ll give you khachapuri next time.’ Horrible impression, zero service, expect a visit from the health inspector!


If you want to wait 15 minutes for a menu, and have a waiter tell you to go away when you make a fair comment about the long wait, then this is the place for you. We’ve never encountered such rudeness. When we asked another waiter for the complaint book, she apologized for her colleague and kindly offered a complimentary dessert to mitigate our negative experience and avoid a bad review in the complaint book. In the end, they brought neither the complaint book nor the dessert.


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