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Reviews for special vehicle rental

In the specialized vehicle rental industry, customer feedback plays a key role in optimizing service and improving the quality of services provided. Reviews not only help assess customer satisfaction but also provide valuable information for further improvement of processes.

However, to obtain numerous reviews, it is necessary to actively interact with customers and create convenient conditions for expressing their opinions.


How to get reviews for special vehicle rental


Email and SMS campaigns

One of the most effective ways to collect reviews is to send messages via email or SMS after the completion of a rental. It’s important to maintain contact with clients by inviting them to fill out a brief survey or leave a review.

Develop template messages with a link to an online feedback form for maximum convenience.


Online platforms and directories

Take advantage of online platforms and directories where customers can rate your service. Create profiles on popular sites and regularly update information about your specialized vehicles.

Actively respond to reviews, expressing gratitude for positive feedback and carefully considering customer complaints.


Feedback forms on your website

Place special feedback forms on your website where customers can leave their reviews and comments. Ensure the form is easy to fill out.

Also, consider the possibility of anonymous reviews so that customers can express their opinions without hesitation.


Post-sale service

Include a post-marketing customer service system in your strategy. Have your company’s specialists regularly contact clients after the conclusion of a deal.

Ask questions about the quality of the services provided, identify potential issues, and invite customers to leave their reviews about the cooperation.


Incentives and bonuses

Encourage customers to leave reviews by offering special bonuses or discounts for filling out a survey or writing a review. Such incentives can serve as an additional motivation for clients to actively participate in evaluating your service.


Social networks and forums

Actively participate in social networks and professional forums related to the specialized vehicle industry. Post information about your company, share news, and ask the audience to leave reviews and recommendations.

Pay attention to discussions online and promptly respond to client requests and comments.


Implementing these methods of collecting feedback will allow you to receive numerous reviews from clients, help strengthen your reputation as a reliable provider of specialized vehicles, and keep in mind that regular interaction with clients and active work on improving service quality are key elements of a successful business in this field.


Examples of special vehicle rental reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not provided).


Terrible company, vehicles are either delivered late or not at all, even though the service was paid for in advance.

The managers do not solve the issue, only ask “What are we going to do?”, they do not want to refund the money, they also do not want to communicate, it’s a rip-off, I do not recommend dealing with this shady business. ***.


Needed a 32-meter lift, decided to order and chose this company.

They arrived apparently without delay according to the manager, but in fact, the driver called saying he was delayed on the MKAD, initially discussed and ordered a 32-meter aerial lift.

In the end, a lift with a working height of 26-28 meters arrived, somehow managed to get the job done. I was only annoyed that they think they are always right.

I asked them to send a passport for the lift or a photo of the nameplate on the frame to see what the height was, they said they don’t have such a thing on this lift. The price was normally paid by Moscow market standards.

Be very careful ordering equipment from them, as they are always right after all….. I thought such companies were no longer on the market, but old schemes work.


Precise, high-quality, prompt. Courteous customer service.

Manager Evgeny is a professional in his field. The vehicle was provided on time, the cargo was loaded and delivered to the destination quickly.

Rental prices are reasonable.


Didn’t expect such service. It was simply superb, they selected a vehicle according to the required dimensions and tonnage.

Sent an invoice for payment within 5 minutes. Trusted us that the payment would be made and still sent the vehicle.

Sent a GLONASS tracker for the vehicle for tracking. Thank you very much, Evgeny.

Our client was very satisfied. Wishing prosperity to your company)))

Will definitely contact you again.


I was very satisfied after quality service and professional work by the company’s employees. They thoroughly explained everything I needed to know, answered all my questions about choosing the equipment, and organized the delivery of the equipment to the site.

The equipment I rented was in good condition and met my requirements. There were no problems.

Very satisfied with everyone. Respect and a big thumbs up to all employees of the “Mit” company!


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