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Reviews for veterinary clinic

Gathering client feedback plays a pivotal role in the development and enhancement of a veterinary clinic’s service quality. Reviews not only help identify weaknesses and areas for improvement but also serve as a tool to attract new clients who seek recommendations and reviews online.

Here are detailed ways to motivate clients to share their impressions of your veterinary service.


How to get reviews for veterinary clinic


Direct Request After Service

After an animal has received necessary medical care, it is important for the doctor or clinic administrator to personally ask the owner to leave a review, emphasizing how valuable each client’s opinion is to the clinic.

You can offer to fill out a survey on the spot or send a link via email inviting them to leave a review online.


Using Social Media

Actively managing your veterinary clinic’s social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, and VK, allows you not only to inform clients about news and promotions but also to remind them of the importance of their opinions. Regularly post requests for reviews, including links to your clinic’s profiles on review platforms.



Send emails thanking clients for their visit and asking them to leave a review. Include direct links to the pages where they can post reviews, such as Google, Yandex, or specialized veterinary service review platforms.

This approach simplifies the process, making it more convenient for the client.


QR Codes

Place informational stands or flyers with QR codes in the clinic (in the waiting area or at the registration desk) that lead to review pages. Clients can easily navigate to the desired resource using their smartphones and share their opinions on the service quality.


Incentivizing Reviews

Offer clients a discount or bonus for their next visit in exchange for a review. It is important to stress that you value honest feedback, regardless of its content.

This approach not only motivates clients to share their impressions but also strengthens their loyalty to your clinic.


Internal Clinic Feedback

Install a tablet or special terminal in the clinic for quick review posting. This method is particularly convenient for clients waiting for an appointment or the completion of a procedure.

Ensure that the review posting process is as simplified and time-efficient as possible.


Personalized Reminders

If a client has left contact information, use this to send personalized reminders to leave a review. The message can briefly recall the procedure or visit, highlighting how important each client’s personal experience is to you.


Monitoring and Responding to Reviews

Regularly check the reviews of your veterinary clinic and respond to them, thanking clients for positive reviews and addressing any issues mentioned in less positive ones. This demonstrates that you value their opinion and are committed to improving service.

A strategy to attract client reviews for a veterinary clinic requires a systematic approach and attention to detail. Remember, sincere and detailed reviews serve not only as a source of valuable feedback but also as a tool to attract new clients.

By showing care and attention to each review, you not only increase the trust level of existing clients but also create a positive image of your veterinary clinic.


Examples of veterinary clinic reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not mentioned):


I only have good things to say and am grateful to Doctor Sonov Aleksandr Anatolyevich. I have an 11-year-old Labrador and a young kitten, and I noticed that my pets are very comfortable there.

The doctor has a very gentle approach to each, and after such a visit, they experience no stress. We have already booked a neutering appointment for the kitten.

Many thanks!


We consulted for the neutering of our cat (about 7 months old). A young female doctor came.

She examined the patient, answered all our questions regarding the procedure (before, after, rehabilitation).

Everything was explained in accessible language. The procedure was quick.

The cat also recovered quickly. A couple of hours after the removal of the testicles, he was already jumping around and behaving actively.

Everything healed on the cat as on a dog – within two days, there were no visible wounds or stitches.


If you have a serious case, never go to Doctor Vet! There are incompetent and uneducated veterinarians there. They will help your pet pass away faster!!!


We have been to this clinic more than once, thinking we were lucky to have it nearby. Our cat started feeling unwell, hardly eating, and drinking little.

In the end, these doctors concluded that our 3-year-old cat is either 5 or 15 years old and he either has cancer or the flu, sorry…you are doctors, not fortune tellers.

If you come to work, please do your job properly.


Run as far away from this “clinic” as possible. They just rip you off.

They offered amputation, and they couldn’t even take an X-ray. There was nothing serious actually.

After that, we went to another clinic where everything was done without any fuss. We encountered “doctors” (both men) who don’t even know the anatomy of animals!!!

If you care about your pet’s life, go elsewhere.


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