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Viber is a messenger and calling service available as an app for mobile and desktop devices. Launched in 2010, it quickly gained popularity due to its convenient features and availability across different platforms.

Viber’s purpose is simple: to provide easy, secure, and high-quality communication between users. Its primary target audience includes individuals who need to connect with friends, family, and colleagues anywhere in the world.


Service features


Besides calls and messages, Viber offers a range of additional features that make it a leading player in the messaging market. This review will focus on the most significant features:


High-quality voice calls

Viber provides high-quality voice communication, making conversations comfortable at any distance. This is crucial for users whose communications require clarity and understandability.


Video calls

The video call feature allows users to communicate face-to-face, enhancing the closeness of remote interactions. The ability to see the interlocutor makes communication more vivid and emotional.


Call statistics

Viber offers detailed call statistics, helping users monitor their communication activities and analyze the effectiveness of their interactions.


Downloading new stickers from the store

The service regularly updates its sticker collection, offering a wide range of images to express emotions. The ability to download new stickers allows users to personalize their communication experience.


Push notifications when Viber is off

Users receive push notifications about new messages and calls even when the app is off. This feature ensures a quick response to important events.


Integration with the built-in contact list

Viber integrates with the device’s built-in contact list, simplifying the process of adding new contacts and managing the list.


Service benefits


High-quality voice communication

The high quality of voice calls in Viber ensures clear and understandable conversations, making communication more pleasant and effective.


Video calls

The ability to make video calls allows users to communicate more vividly and emotionally, bringing remote interactions closer to real life.


Low rates for calls

The Viber Out feature allows users to make calls to regular phone numbers at low rates, making the messenger an economical solution for international communication.


Extensive personalization options

The wide selection of stickers on Viber and a store with new ones allow users to customize their communication experience, making it more colorful and expressive.


Convenience and accessibility

The built-in contact list and receiving push notifications when the app is off make Viber convenient and easily accessible for use at any time and place.

As a result, the Viber service is a powerful communication tool. It provides high-quality connectivity and a wide range of features that make communication as convenient and effective as possible for users.


What users often scold about Viber


Lack of effective technical support

Users express dissatisfaction with the poor quality of technical support. One review notes, “It’s bad that they don’t consider customer requests. Template support, which does not help.”

Slow and ineffective responses from support can create serious issues for users.


App functionality problems

Users complain about glitches in the messenger, leading to account blocking and missed messages. One review states, “Changing my number for the third time, and it blocks within a day.”

This causes inconvenience for users, especially those who use the messenger for work and client communication.


Insufficient functionality and unfriendly interface

Users criticize the limited functionality and unfriendly interface of the messenger. One review says, “All my friends use Viber, but in my opinion, it’s complete nonsense.”

The lack of themes, memory issues, and limited customization options create a negative impression among users.


Security and confidentiality issues

Users express concerns about confidentiality and data security problems in the messenger. One review states, “I don’t understand why everyone uses Viber. It’s almost the worst app.”

Inadequate data protection and privacy issues may deter users from using the messenger.


Issues with storage and performance

Users complain that the app takes up too much space on the device and slows it down. One review notes, “It takes up a lot of memory.”

This creates inconveniences for users with devices that have limited storage and can decrease device performance.


What users often praise about Viber


Free calls and messages

Users positively mention the ability to make free calls and send messages. One review states, “Free calls, free messages, Viber out.”

This provides users with a convenient and accessible way to communicate.


Viber out service

Users highlight the Viber Out functionality as a positive aspect of the messenger. One review says, “Basically, the only cool thing: Viber Out.”

This allows users to make calls at a lower cost, which can be beneficial for some users.


Quick addition of clients in correspondence

Users note the ability to quickly add clients to correspondence in the messenger. One review states, “You can quickly add a client to the correspondence.”

This can be convenient for business and client communication.


Percentage of reviews


Based on the reviews provided, negative reviews of the Viber messenger account for approximately 70% of the total, while positive ones make up about 30%.

This indicates serious issues with functionality, performance, and the quality of technical support in the messenger, which can create a negative user experience.