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Perevodchik Google

Perevodchik Google is a multifunctional service that provides the capability to translate texts, phrases, conversations, and web pages.

It is not only a translation tool but also a guide with offline capabilities and a wide range of options.

The service is based on machine translation and offers almost instant access to translations in various languages.

Main advantages: offline mode, support for various input and text recognition methods, and a wide selection of available languages.


Service features


The platform has many features. We will review Perevodchik Google and consider the main ones:


Translation into 109 languages

The service provides the ability to translate texts and phrases into 109 languages, making it one of the most multilingual translation tools available.


Various translation methods

Text can be translated in various ways: through conversation, text, handwritten input, or by using photographs. This ensures convenience and flexibility in using the service.


Offline dictionaries

The ability to use offline dictionaries enables the service to function even without internet access. This is especially convenient when traveling or in conditions with limited connectivity.


Translation history and synchronization

Perevodchik Google saves translation history and allows synchronization with mobile devices. This provides access to translations at any convenient time and place.


Translation playback

Users can listen to the pronunciation of translated words, phrases, and texts. This improves pronunciation skills and understanding of a foreign language.


Web page translation

Perevodchik Google can translate web pages while preserving their formatting and ensuring easy interaction with the translated content.


Service benefits


Wide selection of languages

Perevodchik Google supports over 100 languages, making it an ideal tool for communication in various languages.



The platform has many features, including translation of conversations, texts, handwritten input, and translation from photographs.

It can be used in various situations and conditions.


Practical usability

The interface of the service is intuitively understandable and convenient to use. It is accessible to a wide range of users, including non-professionals.


Offline mode

The ability to operate in offline mode ensures continuous access to translations even without an internet connection. This fact is especially important when traveling or in places with poor connectivity.


Technological innovations

The service is continuously developing and implementing new technologies, such as text recognition from photographs and on-the-fly translation systems.

This ensures the relevance and effectiveness of its use.


Perevodchik Google is a versatile and reliable tool for translating texts into various languages. With it, users can easily and quickly translate diverse texts, communicate in foreign languages, and access different cultural contexts.

Despite some limitations, the service remains one of the most popular and widely used translation tools in the world.


What users often scold about Perevodchik Google


Gender and grammatical errors in translation

Several users note issues with gender and grammatical errors in translation, which reduces the reliability and quality of the service.

One review says: “I have been translating in Google for many years, and constantly find gender and grammatical errors in the translation. Shame!!!!”


Problems with translation from Russian to Ukrainian

Some users complain about poor translation from Russian to Ukrainian and note that the service does not translate a large number of words.

One review says: “Very and very bad translation from Russian to Ukrainian!!! It does not translate 90% of the words from Russian to Ukrainian!!!”


What users often praise about Perevodchik Google


Accurate and fast translation

Several users highly rate the accuracy and speed of translation, as well as the convenience of the service interface.

One review says: “Very accurate translation without the frequent errors of typical translators, like incorrect declension, missing articles, or awkward grammar translation.”


Ease of use and large language selection

Several users note the ease of use of the service and the possibility to choose from a large number of languages.

One review says: “Of all the translators, I always prefer this one because it has the most convenient language switching, automatic detection, and even query correction.”


Ability to suggest translation improvements

Several users highlight the ability to suggest translation improvements, allowing users to contribute to improving the service.

One review says: “You can suggest translation improvements – gentlemen and ladies linguists and polyglots, please don’t forget about this feature, help your brothers and sisters who know the language at lower levels.”


Percentage of reviews


Positive reviews constitute approximately 70% of the total number, while negative reviews make up about 30%. Despite some shortcomings, most users highly rate the accuracy of translation, ease of use, and the ability to suggest improvements.

However, negative reviews can impact the reputation and choice of users.