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Reviews for academy

The Academy strives for continuous improvement in its operations and enhancement of the quality of services provided. One of the key elements of this process is obtaining feedback from our clients and students.

Reviews are an invaluable source of information that allows us to better understand the needs and expectations of our clients, as well as take measures to improve our work. This guide will describe various methods that can be used to actively collect reviews about our academy.


How to get reviews for academy



Consider sending emails to clients and students asking them to review their experience at our academy. In the email, you can include a direct link to an online form for submitting reviews.

It is important to emphasize that we value each opinion and are open to any constructive criticism.


Online platforms

Use popular online platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, or specialized educational platforms to create a profile for our academy and allow clients to leave reviews. Ensure that accurate information about our academy is available on these platforms to simplify the review process.


Social networks

Actively use our social media accounts to communicate with our clients and students. Create posts dedicated to requesting feedback, invite followers to share their reviews in the comments or through direct messages.

Regularly respond to comments and reviews, showing interest and willingness to address any arising issues.


Surveys and questionnaires

Develop special surveys or questionnaires to collect reviews from our clients and students. These can be integrated into our website or sent via email.

It is important that the questions in the survey are structured in a way that allows us to obtain the most useful information for further improving our services.


Incentives and rewards

Develop a reward program for clients and students who leave reviews about our academy. For example, we could offer a discount on the next course or free consulting in exchange for writing a review.

This can motivate more people to share their opinions about our work.


Personal appeals

Use every contact with a client or student as an opportunity to ask them to leave a review about their experience. Personal appeals can be particularly effective as they demonstrate our genuine desire to hear every client’s opinion.


Built-in feedback

Implement a system of built-in feedback on our website or mobile app, allowing clients and students to leave reviews right after completing a course or receiving a service. Ensure a simple and user-friendly interface for this process.


Media publications

Reach out to local publications, journalists, or bloggers with an offer to write a review about our academy or conduct interviews with our clients and students. Publications in local media can attract new clients and contribute to forming a positive public opinion about our academy.


Overall, effective collection of reviews requires a systematic approach and the use of various methods of communication with our audience. Combining different methods will allow us to get the most comprehensive and objective picture of how our clients and students perceive our academy.


Examples of academy reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not specified).


Completed my bachelor’s degree, fire initiation, HR Club is fire, people are fire. Education is a solid 4, but who needs lectures in the 21st century if the most important thing is the ability to think, which some instructors here definitely provide?

Not all, of course, but many.


Starting with the positives, the building is very beautiful, and rich cars pull up to it, inside it’s also very pretty, young teachers.

Among the negatives – seven years of study, paid five-six thousand a month, got a diploma and the ability to draw a chicken egg, this is true, all years they drew one chicken egg, definitely with exceptions, but this theme certainly prevailed, which confirms the truth that art cannot be put on a conveyor belt, but it can indeed be turned into a stable income, handed in works, but as soon as I find anything, I will definitely add.


A magnificent place of painting, creativity, art. Constant exhibition of works by Andriyaka, a true master of watercolor.

Everything is cultural, atmospheric, tasteful. Interesting works by students, here’s ceramics, stained glass, and sculpture.

Has its own cafeteria from the series of student ones. But, I was delayed by the painting titled “Scarlet Phloxes,” on which are clearly not phloxes, looks more like hydrangea.

And this brought a certain intrigue, a mystery!


This institution does not meet expectations. In winter, you freeze to the desk in the auditoriums, and in summer, you sweat so much that you wonder: “Will I dehydrate?”.

Some instructors do not let you leave during classes for physical needs, diagnosing without collecting anamnesis “cystitis”. For students studying on a contractual basis: no one will compensate for the missing hours.

Curricula are provided not on September 1, but, God willing, by December 20. In short, everything will be bad.

Resign yourself!!! The only thing that suits here is the squirrel paw prints on the snow.


Sleepy kingdom, there are good teachers, and there are not so good. All as usual.

But the organization of the schedule / eviction from dorms / exams / interaction with students / any communication is on the level of surrealism or feeblemindedness. But it’s worth noting, the academy blooms, improves, the material technical level in 2023 amazes with quality and style, a delightful library, new buildings, and an auditorium.

How much VAVT has improved in recent years!


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