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Reviews for private school

Customer reviews are an important feedback tool and a valuable source of information about the quality of services at a private school. Understanding client needs and expectations allows for the improvement of service and strengthening of the institution’s reputation.

This article will explore various methods of obtaining reviews from school visitors.


How to get reviews for private school


Active use of email and SMS broadcasts

Create an automated system for sending emails and SMS messages to clients after their visit to the school. In these messages, thank them for their visit and ask them to share their opinion about the quality of services.

Ensure that the emails and SMS messages include a direct link to the review form page. This makes it convenient and quick to leave a review.


Creating a special section on the website

Create a separate page on the website dedicated to client reviews. Post existing positive reviews (if any) and a form for submitting new reviews.

Ensure that the review form is simple and does not require too much time to complete.


Organizing promotions and contests

Keep clients interested in leaving reviews. Organize various promotions and contests.

For example, hold a monthly draw for valuable prizes among everyone who has left a review on the website or on social networks. This encourages clients to actively participate and share their opinions.


Active presence on social networks

Leverage the popularity of social networks to obtain reviews. Regularly post information about your school and invite clients to share their experiences and reviews.

Be prepared to respond to comments and questions from clients to show openness and readiness for dialogue.


Organizing direct feedback

Do not forget the possibility of obtaining real-time reviews. Train school staff to actively ask about impressions and suggestions for improving the service.

This can happen on-site during visits or later over the phone.


Organizing meetings and focus groups

At special meetings or focus groups involving parents, discuss specific aspects of the school’s operation and obtain feedback from them in a discussion format.

Organizing meetings can be a useful tool for obtaining in-depth and constructive reviews.


Posting Reviews Inside the School

Create special boards or stands inside school premises where client reviews can be posted. They help not only to encourage clients to leave reviews but also create an atmosphere of trust and openness within the school community.


Sending Surveys

Regularly send surveys to parents where they can evaluate various aspects of your school’s operation. Include questions about the quality of teaching, classroom environment, organization of events, and other important aspects.

Pay attention to the survey results and use them to improve the school’s operations.


All these methods can be effective tools for obtaining reviews from clients of a private school. Remember, every parent and student has a right to their opinion, and it is important to create conditions where they can comfortably share them.

Careful attention to reviews will help improve the quality of services provided and strengthen the school’s reputation among parents and students.


Examples of private school reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not mentioned).


The school was good. I studied there for 4.5 years and then transferred to another school due to the principal’s inadequate behavior towards me.

Up to that point, everything was fine; the teachers were very good, at least while I was there. All the kids in my class were very close; I haven’t seen such camaraderie among students anywhere else.

The school is not bad, but it has its cons.


A questionable school with a questionable level of education, the website only shows the Unified State Exam results for 2021, the class of 2022 scored very low, including a failing grade.

On the plus side, some teachers made the learning process bearable; I had a very friendly class for the six years I was there.

Regarding the primary school teachers, I can say that some of them really spoiled my childhood, thankfully one of them no longer works there due to incompetence.

Old repairs, tasteless food, and not the best level of education, and mind you, it’s for 60 thousand rubles a month.

I want to thank a few teachers who really taught me a lot and the memories connected with my class. I love many of the teachers, thank you all, all the best.


Excellent school! Not just a school, but a fairy tale❤️ We’ve been attending for two years. My son goes to kindergarten—it’s paradise for kids (I have something to compare it with, we were in two others before).

The educators are virtuosos of their craft, every day is a celebration. Attentive, caring, tactful.

A deep bow. My daughter attends primary school.

Special thanks to Irina Ivanovna and Elena Ivanovna for the knowledge, love for children, and dedication to their work. The school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and sections for every taste.

Always interesting excursions, rich and vibrant school events. By sending your children here, you are definitely placing them in safe hands👍👍👍


Hello, I am a student of this gymnasium and I will tell you the truth. 1 the food is terrible, I bring my own food, one time my friend even found a worm in his sausage. 2 almost all the teachers hate their students, some teachers even laugh at students. 3 almost all these reviews by these parents, I know them and their children, believe me, it’s a lie, these kids hate school…

That’s our school for you, I can’t say everything, I’m afraid they’ll find out and then… (you know) Sorry it’s 23:30, and I still have homework to finish.


Well, a 2-star school teaches through sheer persistence. I particularly want to mention the art teacher, always in her own world, thinks she’s in a fairy tale, and also half the teachers just wing it.

The history and social studies teacher, Vera Mikhailovna, is too demanding on students. I hope they change the staff like in 2018.


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