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Reviews for patent office

An important aspect of the development of any enterprise, including a patent office, is active interaction with clients. Reviews play a key role in shaping reputation and attracting new customers.

Therefore, developing a system for obtaining reviews is crucial for successful business operations.


How to get reviews for a patent office


Electronic patent office reviews

It is important to create an electronic system of surveys and feedback where clients can evaluate the quality of services, the convenience of interaction with staff, and leave their comments.

It is necessary to provide a user-friendly interface for filling out a survey or feedback form, as well as the option for anonymous reviews.


Personal approaches and reminders

Regularly reach out to clients after collaboration has ended, reminding them of the opportunity to leave a review on the patent office website or on specialized platforms. This can be done via email, SMS notifications, or even phone calls.


Using social networks and online platforms

Create an active presence for the patent office on social networks and specialized online platforms where clients can leave reviews and share their experiences with others.

This includes regularly updating content on social network pages, actively interacting with users, and posting useful information.


Organizing events and promotions

Host various events and promotions for clients where reviews can be actively collected live. These can be seminars, webinars, conferences, or even corporate events.

It is important to provide clients with the opportunity to express themselves and share their opinions about the patent office’s operations.


Rewards and incentives

Introduce a system of rewards or incentives for clients who leave reviews. For example, offering discounts on future services, gifts, or bonuses for each review left.

This can serve as an additional motivator for people to share their experiences and impressions.


Processing and analyzing received reviews

An equally important stage is the processing and analysis of received reviews. It is necessary to carefully study each review, identify main trends and problem areas, and take measures to address them.

This will help not only improve the quality of services provided but also strengthen clients’ trust in the patent office.

Overall, an effective strategy for obtaining client reviews requires a comprehensive approach and constant attention to clients’ needs and expectations.

Regular interaction, convenient feedback tools, and a constant drive to improve service quality are key components of successful practice in obtaining client reviews.


Examples of patent office reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not mentioned).


This is a real bureaucratic swamp. Nothing can be obtained, no one is accountable for anything.

Over the phone, there are only sympathetic sighs without any real help.


A structure that is entirely on the side of foreign companies. It favors only foreigners, not Russian companies.

It’s always easier to apply for registration in another country.


Incompetent staff. We’ve been waiting for a simple registry extract for three weeks.

Letters do not reach us in any form, neither by email nor by regular mail.

They just shrug, know nothing, and can’t explain anything properly. Who handles this… who to call…


Incompetent tech support. The staff absolutely does not know the ARM Registrator platform through which they propose to submit applications.

And apparently, they don’t even plan to learn how to use it, as they immediately say without embarrassment, “we don’t know how to use it.”


I went around looking for what I needed. They kicked me around like a soccer ball from one building to another.

And when I found what I was looking for, it turned out I had come for nothing. If they had picked up the phone, I could have learned everything by phone.

And getting to them. You’d freeze faster.


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