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Viber is a messenger and calling service available as an app for mobile and desktop devices. Launched in 2010, it […]


Telegram is an innovative messenger focused on speed, security, and user-friendliness. Launched in 2013, it quickly became one of the […]


SAMOSALE is an innovative loyalty program developed by SAMOSALE LLC. It is designed for retail stores, restaurants, beauty salons, and […]


TRASSIR Cloud is a cloud-based video surveillance service designed to enhance security and control in various fields of activity. The […]

Devprom ALM

Devprom ALM is a project management system designed for efficient software product development. The service offers tools for task tracking, […]


Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that ensures secure and convenient storage of credentials for a wide range of users. […]


Avtograf is an indispensable graphic editor tool for engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Its application scope is diverse, encompassing tasks in […]


UseResponse is a tool designed to collect customer feedback and efficiently organize the operations of a support department. The service […]


Shop-Script is a system designed for creating and effectively managing online stores. It is developed with the needs of both […]

Kassa MojSklad

Kassa MojSklad is a service developed for real-time management of sales points. Regardless of your business type, Kassa MojSklad provides all […]

AutoPortye PMS

AutoPortye PMS is a property management system designed to effectively control hourly, nightly, daily, and 24-hour bookings. This service is […]


Weebly is a website creation service that provides quick and easy tools for developing high-quality web projects through an intuitive […]

Virtual Room

Virtual Room is a platform designed for organizing and conducting webinars and video conferences. Established in 2010, it equips users […]


Aspro.Finansy is an online service designed for financial analytics and managerial accounting for businesses. The service enables businesses to make […]

Enterprise WebAccountManager

Enterprise WebAccountManager is an online service designed for managing web service accounts. It is specifically created for corporate clients and […]