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Reviews for gallery

Receiving reviews from gallery visitors is an important element in the development and improvement of the quality of services and exhibitions provided. Reviews help identify areas for potential improvements.

Developing a strategy for collecting feedback requires careful attention to detail, considering the specifics of the gallery’s operation, its audience, and the characteristics of the exhibitions presented.


How to get reviews for gallery


Creating a comfortable environment for leaving reviews

Firstly, ensure the process of leaving reviews is easy and accessible. Place QR codes next to exhibits or at the gallery exit that lead to a review page.

You can also use specialized review books or digital stations at the entrance or exit where visitors can leave their opinions. It is important that the process does not take much time and is intuitively understandable.


Encouraging reviews

Offer visitors incentives for leaving reviews. For example, discounts on the next visit, free tickets to special events, or exclusive catalogs of current exhibitions.

Explain that their opinion is valuable and will help improve the gallery. Incentives should be appropriate and not perceived as an attempt to “buy” positive reviews.


Conducting surveys and questionnaires

Develop and conduct a survey among visitors to gather their opinions on specific exhibitions, the quality of service, and the overall impression of the gallery. Surveys can be anonymous or named, depending on the preferences of visitors.

Include questions aimed at identifying the preferences and interests of the audience, which will help in planning future exhibitions.


Interactive meetings and discussions

Organize regular meetings with visitors where they can share their impressions and suggestions about the gallery’s operation directly with management and curators. These can be conducted in the form of open discussions, round tables, or coffee meetings.

This approach not only facilitates the collection of reviews but also forms a community of like-minded individuals loyal to your gallery.


Using social networks and online platforms

Actively use social networks and specialized online platforms to collect reviews. Create a section for reviews on your website and actively interact with the audience on social networks, inviting them to leave reviews and comments.

This tool will expand your reach and gather opinions not only from direct visitors but also from those planning to visit.


Personal approach to visitors

Train gallery staff to politely and tactfully ask for a review after a visit. Staff should be informed of how important feedback is for improving the gallery’s operations.

This personal approach creates an additional positive impression and increases the chances of receiving a review.


Analysis and feedback

Regularly analyze the reviews received to identify trends and areas for improvement. It is important not only to collect reviews but also to demonstrate that they have been heard.

Publish reports on improvements made based on visitor reviews and thank them for their feedback.


Collecting and analyzing reviews from gallery visitors requires a systematic and attentive approach. A variety of methods for obtaining reviews and active audience engagement will strengthen the connection with visitors, contributing to the formation of a loyal community around your gallery.


Examples of gallery reviews


Below are real reviews from real clients (company names not mentioned).


Ruined the whole mood, people come to see and photograph paintings, relax in silence. Please calm down the lady from hall number 18.

Simply rude, how do they keep such employees??? They took out a small comb, probably every girl has a comb in her little lady’s purse, to which the lady (an employee of this establishment) stood up and walking towards us started saying you will deal with these dirty things in the bathroom.

Do you equate fixing your hair to the toilet? I ask the management in response to this review to please send the rules for visiting the gallery!!!

I advise against visiting this establishment just because of the staff! Overall as promised, paintings, statues.


Beautiful paintings, but seeing such a terrible text about Pavel Tretyakov in the state exam did not please me, if they score below 20 points, I do not plan to visit this place again.

But if more, then I’m ready to go every month and buy all the souvenirs 🙂


Came with a friend to the gallery for the first time in life. In the end: an old lady rudely yelled at us, she screamed that she saw us every day 🙂 ✌️, when we were there for the first time👍.

Even though we didn’t even touch a painting, she started yelling across the hall! In the end, she added that the police work poorly these days.. I think it was inappropriate..

We left with our mood horribly spoiled by her! 👎


Terrible queue, froze for 50 minutes, got cold and gave up. Easier to buy replicas at home and organize tours for 500 rubles with free beer.

1 star, terrible organization. Elon Musk, please save our country, plz((((((((


Veeeeery prolonged. About 7km. 62 halls with portraits and icons. I recommend it for art lovers. There’s something to think about. For example, about the time wasted in vain


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